She chooses wisely who she allows in her life.

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She chooses wisely who she allows in her life, not because she is better than anyone, but because she remembers what happened when she wasn’t careful and allowed just anyone in her circle. A time when she trusted easily and naively believed that most people had the same heart as her. This doesn’t mean she gets it right, that every now and then she isn’t fooled. But it does mean that she can spot the fakers quicker and let the people who are not good for her go without hesitation.


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  1. oh, so wise. as a slow learner, i accepted more of these people into my life than i care to think about. the last one was really hard to get rid of, apologies, sad avowals of love. she still leaves messages on my phone. i ignore them. i am tired of being judged, and more tired of hearing my family judged. a note in the mail–“please visit me.” hard-hearted? i hope not. but, i have enough issues of my own. i cannot deal with hers. some people do not know that other people have emotions. we are not cold or self-serving, when we let them attach themselves to us. there are plenty of kind, loving people we can spend our time with.

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