Sensitive people.

“Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust your kindness. However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they will end the friendship. They live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. They are tortured souls that are not able to live with hatred or being hated. This type of person needs the most love anyone can give them because their soul has been constantly bruised by others. However, despite the tragedy of what they have to go through in life, they remain the most compassionate people worth knowing and the ones that often become activists for the broken-hearted, forgotten and the misunderstood. They are angels with broken wings that only fly when loved.” ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. I’m tired of being so bruised. In order to live among sharks, I must toughen up to survive. Sad, but true.

  2. After losing two children I know what true tragedy really is.
    Despite my smile, I cry inside, each and every day. I am easily hurt, and so when people choose to hurt me, I also feel I have the same choice to shut them out from my life. It’s my way of staying ahead of grief.

  3. I love your quotes and picture quotes. I share them often on my facebook page. (Heartlysimple) We all have Lessons Learned, actually amazes me that seems no matter our age – we still learned lessons daily. Especially when we open our Hearts and Souls to be all we came here to be <3

    Look forward to your daily posts <3

  4. The only way to find true love and happiness is deep within yourself. Do not rely on others to MAKE you happy. It is not thier job in life to do that. It is an individuals will to contribute happiness to each others already blossoming state. If you are suffering long term with demons and troubles from the past seek help and resolvdment from a professional to help understand why you were hurt childhood or later and deal with it before embarking on lovong rrlationship. It is unfair to expect a potential love to have to deal with your past and inflict your onjuries on them when they bring into your life true love and harmony. Instead of finding the right man/ woman to encompass you in cotton wool for ever work on being the right man / woman you might find after learning about yourself that yhe options are larger than you thought. It also helps you be smart and wick. I have just come out of an emotionally abusive relationship.none of which was my fault he has deep rooted issues he is refusing to deal with. I have tried to help but in reality its not my job. It is his job to do the right thing and find his own inner happiness. He has to work at being the right man. Being sensitive is nice to a degree as a trait but taking offence at words because not delivered incotton wool is another. Look at your emotional intelligence and work on being free from lack of it . Your life will blossom. Xxxx

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