Sensitive People.

“Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust your kindness. However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they will end the friendship. They live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. They are tortured souls that are not able to live with hatred or being hated. This type of person needs the most love anyone can give them because their soul has been constantly bruised by others. However, despite the tragedy of what they have to go through in life, they remain the most compassionate people worth knowing and the ones that often become activists for the broken-hearted, forgotten and the misunderstood. They are angels with broken wings that only fly when loved.” ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. A wonderful description of sensitive people Brigitte.
    Although I am often a bit clumsy and often too spontaneous and imprudent in my actions, I believe I do not often hurt people because it is the last thing I want. I defend myself, but I try not to be hurtful. I am not choleric, not bear a grudge and very peace-loving. Besides, I would also consider myself very sensitive. But in a different way. I am easy to hurt because I open my heart, but I also like to forgive. The people who know me do not hurt me because they appreciate my open heart. I also suffer from misunderstandings but I do not feel hated. So I can sympathize to some extent and will do everything possible in my power to heal the broken wings and bring the angel to fly.

    1. Wow…so touching and so empathic commenter m….

      You seem to have a sensitive heart yet a decisive mind…great

    1. In spirit commenter Petya, am offering that kind of friendship with you….

      Though in your real world wherever you are, we know you have several chosen few friends who are sensitive yet broadminded enough to be in your life journey…

  2. @Petya, you are completely right. I would never ever want to have a relationship with an unsensitive person.

    1. Right commenter m…being with an insensitive person makes us live in hell while on earth…usually insensitive people are those who are generally tactless…not minding the effects of being so straightforward and rude….

  3. Yes this is so true of us sensitives, the sad part is it’s only us that knows and fully understands this.

    1. Correct commenter Enid, sensitive people just let it out – cry and then everything is normal….

  4. Best fits me in…I am not ashamed to say I am super sensitive ….because I am real and genuine.

    Personally, I find self.fulfilment in being honest and real…

    I may have been hurt and bruised in heart and even psychologically by some trusted friends but that doesn’t make me a bitter one….life is so short to be messed with negativities….

  5. I can be really sensitive at times. It can be difficult when people blame me for being the way I am. Why are you so sensitive? That’s like asking a person why do you have brown eyes. If its troubling others that I am sensitive it says more about them then it does me. It is said that what we see in other individuals is a mirror/projection of ourselves. It is relatively easy to point out the traits one dislikes about others. However, what you dislike in others is a mere shadow of what you dislike about yourself.

    1. I like your honesty commenter Missing you that you are sensitive at times…

      It means you have an open heart…willing to be hurt and learn after…it pays to be sensitive because we feel the human in us.

  6. @ARLENE: I think the people who accompany you in a life are always sensitive to you, otherwise they would not be permanently by your side, or? But this is not about friendships, but about a partnership for love about physical togetherness, isn´t it?
    I think it’s great how positive you are and that you have found your selffulfilment in being honest and real! That you are getting hurt again and again can also be because you are so sensitive. That it was never meant to hurt you and it is only you who feel about this like it hurts? How do you appreciate yourself? Are you sensitive with others? Who can judge whether he is sensitive? Not me. At least not in the case of what I do with others. I myself am 100% sensitive to my personality and sensitivity in what other people do to me. I try to deal sensitively with others, but what they feel,depends again on their feelings.Everything is always action and reaction. This means I got hurt because I am too sensitive, then I react as an injured person and try to react sensitive and not hurtful but at least I want to show, that I was hurt. But of course the other person get hurt, because she/ he is sensitive aswell. These are actions/ reactions that are bilateral. I often regret my perhaps rude, straightforward actions, yes. But they are often my only possibilities, because I hope to get ahead, no matter in which direction.

  7. uhhh sorry Missing you…with all my copy and paste actions here and translations, there was a mistake in putting the name in and I did not recognize…for everybody HERE: the last comment from Missing you here above ist from me! M

  8. Ok commenter m…let my message be for you then…

    You have a kind heart intending to help the broken.winged angel to fly…

  9. Thank you ARLENE, normally yes I would say. I think I try to do a lot little things for people. And big things to people I love and everything for the one I love….but everything is as much as my forces can give….you cannot help if the person do not want to….

    1. Ok….do not force then….the most important commenter m is your clean and pure intention….the Heaven knows that….

      1. Thank you so much thank you want to help me, but nobody the only persons who know the whole strange history is me and her. She could have cut all connections if she wanted to, but she did not.So this was my only hope, because she cared a lot in virtuelle world. She knows that my intentions are pure, because I did everything possibly and nearly impossible to meet her,although I made a fool of myself. I left my family…If you separate from your wife because you are in love with another woman, this is nothing special.This happens all day, but if you have to leave just for hoping that one day…..this will not go well long time….sorry that Ìm only complaining, but Ì will get really frustrated…Perhaps she never wanted to be with me in real.Only virtual…but therefore I really not had to leave my family….Well I know its my own fault, and I will not blame her, because I know that her situation is perhaps more difficult than mine…but it isnice weather, I‘m at a beautiful beach, lots of happy people around, and I my girl is not far…this is really bullshit!

        1. Hmmm..welcome commenter m…it only means am switching on my sensitivity hence I can feel a little of how you feel….ohh- the two of you are into the virtual world of communication?

          My….much as I wish to be open and honest with you, it is only up to wishes because I do not know who you are….all I can say is I have been into what you feel…am.into it…and it hurts….but…..never mind, I pray he is okey…

          1. Thank you ARLENE I appreciate it very much that you give the effort but of course I know that you do not know us and this are only opinions, which are perhaps not true at all. I tried everything possible. I’m tired and I have to look now, that I myself will come back to strength and get pleasure in life. This means I will not be able to have time for her the whole day, but it is the only way…dear ARLENE I wish you all my best, you are in a similar situation?

  10. Yes…but am trying my best to gather myself up…to go on with normal life. I may be tired to expect and hope another chance but I will not be tired to have the thought of that person in my mind and in my heart forever.

    I wish to have a wholesome friendship with that person but there are no chances I think. Better still not to have any chances…because the same with what you have expressed and commented earlier regarding virtuality. We may want it but entails a lot of sacrifices. Easier said than done…besides when you mentioned about a man leaving his family-his wife for another woman- ohhh…that’s a taboo and not commendable. You are not complaining…you are just honest and expressing some realities…some scenario…

    When you said – Well I know its my own fault, and I will not blame her, because I know that her situation is perhaps more difficult than mine (she may be in a situation that’s so sensitive)…

    Life would understand you (both) if : This means I will not be able to have time for her the whole day, but it is the only way…

    dear commenter m I wish you all my best and thanks so much having noticed me to be in a similar situation..thanks to your sensitivity…

    1. Thanks ARLENE for your long comment. I hope I understood everything correctly, the translation was somewhat strange.
      It is probably similar to us, no matter what comes I will not get the person out of my heart. So it will be painful. Do you have to wait for chances? You can simply create opportunities, can´t you? Can not you just overcome? Yes, leaving a woman and family for another is taboo. I thought so too, especially since I love my family. But what can I do when love strikes so relentlessly? Should I suffer, must I find a way to love my own wife again? I’ve tried it long time, believe me, but it did not work. My thoughts were only with this other woman. And now it’s just that I’ve gone the step. And it was my decision for which I have sole responsibility and carry and of course this is not easy and take a lot of forces. Sacrifice to and fro, you have to decide whether you want to try it, right? I had decided, but did not think I would be alone for so long. Yes you can say you want to try or not, so do not make any “ifs”…but of course I do, because I did it only to be together with her…so this is of course the “if”…because if not, I have to handle my broken heart and have to forget her anyway. But I´m not keen on finding someone else another woman, I never was! So I would go back to my family…and forget my lovelife and live for another reason. I know some people who have separated because of a new love. I’ve never found it good, but I understand it now and see these people envious as they are happy. I also know a few people who have separated without a new partner and are now living alone (or are looking or claiming they are linked or are only in the short term) … this is strange to me and I think they feel like me, very sad. But maybe I´m wrong and these people feel free now and happy alone, no idea.

      1. Yourcommments commenter m are also long…well, I understand you are falling out of love with your wife…Is there no divorce in your country ?

        How about this other woman- have you told her how much you love her? it…and talk things in a more objective and mature way…it somehow helps….I believe…

        1. Thank you ARLENE for your opinion. Yes of course, I tried to describe everything, how I feel it and of course she knows how much I love her. She certainly has her reasons to behave as she does and it is certainly my fault, that I´m in this intolerable “floating” situation that I can not cope with. A few months ago I felt a lot closer to her, which was before I had decided to go straight to her and be honest. And of course there is divorce in our country. But what does this have to do with the situation? I do not understand that.

          1. You have commented commenter m that you do no longer love your wife…hence why be confused not to go on divorce? Because you said you loved the other woman…it doesn’t mean to say that you would no longer love your kids by then granting you are divorced…

            Hmmm..if you wish to go fight for your marriage and go on loving the other one is a matter of choice and decision….pray for what would be best for you….

          2. Of course, I will get divorced when I can get together with this woman, because then I am happy again and can also let go of other things. But when it comes to testing my trust in God, I must unfortunately give up soon. Because I have ONLY my feeling that tells me that she loves me. I have already shown my trust in many areas.

            Save my marriage? Yes, I will try, if I know that she does not want me in her real life and my heart is broken anyway. Because I love my family and do not have any interest to be alone or to get to know someone new.
            That’s the way it is. She’s on number one, but as long as she does not actually exist in my life, I have no strength to get rid of my habitual environment, because then I am alone and I am ruined.

          3. You were NEVER honest with me. But only played games and i have no space for anyone anymore to play with me. Did u call me or walk upto me n i ignored u? How can u lie like this…u never really wanted to end anything but play safe. I m sorry, i dont need any man in my life, wondering if i need this life even but i cant help.

  11. ok commenter m…I can sense you are into something to choose…

    Just manage and guide your heart ….things will be in place.. in due time…

  12. How do you contact that other woman commenter m? FB chat? Yahoo messenger chat?

    Always remember commenter m- she is sensitive…honest and sincere..compassionate…the thought of you cherishing her is already soul lifting on you….just go on living a happy life….

      1. thank you for the consoling words, but unfortunately they do not apply. For either she is honest or she loves me. Both are mutually exclusive. Because she already told me that she can not love me.

  13. Commenter Arlene just read m and your replies, and can relate… this is Wow and my first comment on this subject… my heart tells me go for it… my morals tell me don’t cross that line… the heart says differently…pain has been a way in life for me…maybe from who I used to be years ago…can never be that person again… We both know that when running right the mind and body need to be in harmony… not fully there yet… don’t know if I ‘ll get there l believe so… however we both know we would be hurting others on both sides… we both know we will meet at sometime…like you said… I only know what you want me to know, which isn’t much…friendship or more can only grow from really knowing someone…I am a Tech dinosaur… just realized I could just change my name here…I don’ t Want to be a hypocrite because of my situation…we are both strong willed…sensitive but not weak… you would need to know more of me than what someone much younger and impressionable may have related… any man would be crazy not to want someone as real as you…I get you… hope you understand me…believe l never intended to screw with your head…as I did the same to me

    1. Hello commenter Wow Man…morals and heart may reconcile or may not…yet it’s the mind that knows better….and best…

      How I wish you were …Wow Man…for I can be honest as much as possible…but almost everything commented I can vouch come from my heart with clear mind not screwed as the 3 idiots Bollywood movie keeps on highlighting….

      Anyway- like it so much- both are strong willed …sensitive but not weak…you are not hypocrite when you say you are a Tech dinosaur- that’s pride and honesty….you invested much to become one…great

  14. dear WOW man, I unfortunately did not understand everything, but you seem to be in a similar situation. Yes, the morality, which gnaws at the conscience is terrible. Talk to someone who is close to you personally, that brings a lot. I have not done this, but generally you will see, that you get lot of positive feedback. You should be always the number one who should feel comfortable. If you do not feel well, your children have won´t be lucky anyway. The heart is therefore crucial, the situation around must then be designed in such a way that it fits well for all. Of course you should be ready Wow man. If that is not the case, then you just have to wait. Love is sometimes not easy, but I wish you with all my heart that you find each other. Your words are magical and sure she knows you do not want to confuse them.

  15. Commentor Arlene morals is my mind and that has caused my pains, which I ‘ve dealt with much in life its like second nature. I like you will come through it one way or another…best decisions are made when body and mind are healthy at the same time…was it me or someone else?

    1. I salute you commenter Wow Man…morals is above anything ….the body follows what the mind says….so we have to manage our mind.

      How can I say it’s you or someone else? I do not know who you really are…

    2. Maybe it’s you …and could be you….I do not know truly….

      No regrets….great and nice person…

  16. I get really confused on this discussion, but maybe it is me who makes the whole confusion, sorry. Moral, body, mind…we are discussing about similar feelings, situations and problems. But we are all different. There is no solution here online.The solution is there outside in real life. We will solve it there or never. But I really appreciate you all here. You are lovable helpful souls which have their own problems but still help others. This is great and consolatory for a while, but I think I have to face my love problems in real life, go on living a happy life and find my way online not for love but for creativity.

    1. Ok commenter m…good luck…be need wholesome online chat friends? You can rely and trust us….that’ s my true name….just say why you want us to be friends in your message if you want…maybe thru yahoo messenger??

      1. Thank you ARLENE you are very nice… I do not know a yahoo messenger, but also do not want to leave my email here…indeed it is like this, that I have no one to talk to….but I learned at least one thing the last two days by talking to a very good friend…I have to solve the problems I have. And if I do not know where the problems are coming from ( well I know, but I could not tell him) I have to get professional help or go somewhere to change completely…I have lots of options,and offers and if everything should break down I have possibilities to get help…so do not worry ARLENE. altough I appreciated your comments always!

  17. Ok commenter m…good wishes…we cannot get much too personalized in this page because many can read…I do not name a name whom I refer my message to because I respect privacy…

    What I get and understand from Wow Man’s message maybe a communication or friendship between single-married or both married..hence the issue of morality surfaced…

    1. welcome always sensitive person like me…sensitive yet not weak…sensitive yet strong willed as what commenter Wow Man emphasized

        1. Welcome.4ever…always….if only I know who you are…anyway- we occasionally meet and see in this page’s various posts with you in the person of m…..

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