Say goodbye and wish them well.

Don’t let anyone bring you down so low as to hate them. Release them from the hold they have on you and continue on with peace in your heart. Life is short and is not worth wasting your time trying to figure people out or prove anything to them. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself. Strive to be the best person you can possibly be, be strong, and walk away. Holding on to bitterness and anger will only hinder your happiness. Your life is much too precious to spend another minute worrying about someone that doesn’t bring you happiness. Say goodbye and wish them well. After all, they’ve made you a stronger person. They’ll see the light someday. ~Ladybug

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  1. Great advice! However, I have serious doubts that the people who have hurt me the most and aren’t in the least bit sorry for any of the hurt, pain, and suffering they’ve inflicted on me will ever be enlightened with the truth.

    1. Rebecca,
      Then all you can do is feel sorry for them, that is their loss, certainly not yours! HOld you r head high and concentrate on those people in your life that really matter, it’s what I do!!

  2. You hold on to them because you want and need them as well to be part of your life but…if they don’t mind having you in theirs? Never beg anyone to give you back what you had given…no apologies in loving them, just be thankful ur path had crossed learned the lesson…

  3. Hi do you have anything that will will help Grandparents and father understand why some women use a child against then as there weapon

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