Running away

Running away from your problems is a race you will never win.

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  1. Only your presence, your physical and mental experiences are meaningful, don’t live a phantasy——-

  2. its ussualy happen sometimes people did not realise that they have a problem, nomatter how hard they tried to hide their problem: actions, attitudes, and moods towards things will portray people that you have got a big problem. just get someone you trusted, disclose your problem, or confess if possible. its whereby that someone will make you aware that you have a problem. then
    4 STAGES OF ANALYSING A PROBLEM SHOULD BE INVOLVED: 1. Now that the problem has been presented, 2. the one you have been disclose your to her/him will able to identify whatever you have been told her/him as a problem. 3.Accept the fact that you have a problem, stop being in denial. 4. that someone you trust will able to analyse your problem, at this stage you will feel that heavy burden on shoulders been relieved coz now that you share your problem.

  3. Me encanta ésta pagina, ya que cada día sus consejos me animan a seguir luchando a pesar de los inconvenientes que presenta el diario vivir en nuestras vidas. Gracias!

  4. It isn’t even a race cause problems are waiting at the final line one can reach, no matter how far he goes. I call this destructive denial.

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