Remember my heart.

If you remember anything of me after I leave this world remember that I loved even when it was foolish. That I cared even when it was unwanted. When my body is gone remember my heart.

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  1. Dave couillard you will always be remembered for more than just your heart. Your smile and laughter brightened up a room when u walked into it. You brought joy to all our lives. Everyone who knew you loved the person you werem . with summer and Memorial weekend coming up. It is going to be different without you. But we are going to honor you and remember you for as all the joy you brought to our lives. That is what you want for us. We will always cherish the amazing memories we had with you. Fly high my Hippie Grandson.This Memorial Day is in Memory of you my amazing sweet loving boy. We miss you baby boy.

  2. Thomas Davis you will forever be in my heart I think of you everyday and I miss you terribly this weekend was not easy I wish I could touch your face your hair I miss looking in your eyes I just miss you I will love you forever Root

  3. Alex Killoran, your dad and I miss you every day. Adam and Audra have had so many things going on in their lives but I’m sure you have seen it all. Your birthday is coming up soon and I will be singing to you from afar. 12/7/85 – 2/18/12.

  4. Stephanie, how could we ever forget you? Your sparkling laughter and your willingness to share will always mark your spirit wherever you will have left it. One of these days, you will receive the promises of our loving SAVIOR who gave it all for you, me, and all those He loves through us. It has been my privilege to try and lead you through the years into your relationship with the Lord. I know that I was hard on you, acting like a parent much of the time and trying to show you the perfect way as we have been shown in the Scriptures. All I can say now is to keep on keeping on until the end of time and this life. Give God your best and strive to meet all of His tests. He wants you to win, and remember as you cross the lines into heaven, there will be many left behind to whom you will have been an influence. Remember our sharing times at the Tidgeville Church, and consider if those were helpful in any way. John 3:16.

  5. Darius Ellis cancer took you at the age of 28 two days before your 29th bday we mad so many plans for our future I will forever begrateful for you in my life my Love Wait for me at the gates babe

  6. My dear Mary and Paul, my two precious children- you will always be remembered for the love that radiated from your beautiful smiles and hearts! You will never be forgotten- always loved and yearned for by so many- but more than anyone, by your Mom and Dad- ’til we meet again in Heaven~

  7. Tony Marra November 9 2019 my heart is broken the most loving man I ever met always there for me no matter what. Thank you so much for loving me the way you did. Who knows but I pray we meet again someday soon. Our holidays are even gonna be so much harder. I hope your with barb . I love you husband 17 years was not enough.

  8. I found this quote in my mother’s room after she passed…
    some days are easier than others but I’ll never forget how beautiful of a person she was… memories live forever!
    I love you Momma, M… 💚

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