Realize, you deserve something better.

I have loved. I have lost and I have changed. It has been difficult but I have learned so much from it. I have learned that people can hurt you so deeply and not even worry about you. I learned that good people can change in a minute when their hearts have been broken. I’ve met great people, but mean people as well. But the most important thing I have learned is that every person in this world is strong enough to let go . People come and go and that’s life ! The most important thing is to stand up and realize that you deserve something better than a person who gives up on you. ~Unknown

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  1. can you trust another?…

    I understand and agreed with you 100%. But when that happens, when your loved one lets you down, kicks you out, divorces you, leaves you with debt and alone, takes your kids that you have raised for 12 years, when you work tirelessly, day after day….how can you trust another….

    i have been devoured for 4 years and coping…i have recently met someone but don’t have guts to move to next step, but she helps me to see the light in the future….don’t know what to do, how can i trust another..

  2. Perhaps, all is a misunderstanding. You misunderstand the information about the person and you always see, what you wanted to see. But could you see the difference?. The first made the failure without knowing it. The second person knows it and wants to punish the first person, although it is not to compare. Because the first person did not want to hurt. It was a nonability to see the problem. Perhaps a language- problem. A failure, but not with bad aim.The second person punished to hurt, knowing the truth. And that is cruel and not fair. To punish somebody, whom you love, never is a good option, always you are punishing yourselve. Think about it and stop to make it worse, what was not meant bad, but a big failure of having communicated in a misunderstanding way.The first person really beg to excuse. Please come to the light side of life again and forgive.

    1. Then why did i get seperated from the first person ? He was my everything and my love for him was beyond words to express. I was very true to him did not allow anyone to even talk about my life with anyone else than him. I trusted my relationship with him blindfoldedly and never suspected him. I thought he is impatient and short tempered so he will understand one day, i was not in hurry at all and waited for him endlessly. But what happenned…It means I was not meant for him. It means we are not supposed to be together. Though I met him again not intentionally but in an emotional outburst situation which I myself is responsible for, how can it be treated an accident.
      When finding reason for the second problem I now come to know how and who seperated me from the first. A joke of life, very poor joke…. which he will never believe or accept if i say also. But fact is out, so late…. whats the point ? Now that i know my first was an unfateful but not untruthful relationship which i dont deserve now, i am only wanting to know the reason for the second liar… why was i chosen for all this ? Backstabbed before even i could react to the fact of life ? But why ? All i know is I dont need both, and I dont think i am meant to be in any part of both lives. If I know the truth i will be convinced and will only bless the man, never hurt him. One does not accept truth and the other who intentionally fooled me does not want to be true. Why me everytime ? All the while ?

      1. Oh Worthless, this sounds so sad and disappointed. I´m so sorry for your feelings. In fact I do not understand anything of what you are telling. Maybe it is the language problem. may be it is just because the problems are very close but of course not the same. If you are sure that someone want to hurt you and do not love you, it is better to let go. I felt with Regina in all what she was telling. I did also hurt someone. I tried to show my honest love, and I still try….

        1. You can never be honest with ANYONE in life for you are a game addict. Do you know even what is honesty? I will never forget our LAST meeting you called me to utter such hurtful words isnt it. Was it not pre planned… to call n abuse so much… and with watever in mind u left me tat day tat is TRUE YOU… Please dont revert. I have seen the Real you tat day. Dont show me your new games anymore…you dont need to

        2. M if you don’t mind me asking what was done that caused this person to hurt? You sound like a genuine person who never intended to cause harm. I hope this individual will one day be able to see and understand your love.

          1. I think I did not realize that this person was trying/ struggling for me long time ago… I was just blind!

          2. Unnnecessary interference in my life and not understanding i dont love him or need him. Spying on me, dumping himself on me forcefully…. is this fare

          3. Oh, I see, you got really hurt, worthless. Hope you can get rid of this bad feelings soon. Thank you missingyou for asking and caring.

          4. And what do you wish to do now commenter m that you know something…still act to be blind? Hmmm…wish to create opportunity?

          5. No, I think I behave more than clearly. I rather do not hope to be intrusive, because I have to overcome myself a lot because it’s not my style. I will use every opportunity for as long as I can.

        3. I agree commenter m…so hurting to note and hear your side commenter Worthless…neverheless…we pray you will be okey the soonest time possible..

          I believe you are worthy…not worthless…

          1. Unless you stop your drama and action of being in love…no prayer will work. First you haven no guts and play games, then play safe like wat you are doing with my sister so you can finally blame me and escape. Please can you try soneone else insteadit is no use hurting someone again n again. Youalready won…y prove your skills again

          2. we are all just human commentator worthless (and I also think that you are not Wothless) and I think nobody loves pain and drama. If we were all perfect we would not need help each other here. Everyone has to work on him/herself and believe in the person he/she loves and give as much as he/she can give.

  3. When you worry about he feels, how he drove home, does he have enough of you that’s love.And nothing this person says or does can convince me in the opposite.I know when I am loved and taken care of.I forgive and forget trully the rest.Anything more is drama and who needs that?In this world..who needs more drama.Thats what I am trying to establish.A world without drama.And the world starts from me.

    1. Never ever will i do that anymore. It was just a genuine eagerness not love on you please. Tell ur spy friend i wont spare him….

        1. Your drama…action king…othets dont know…please tell the full story. Not just cleverly elimination of your safe play games???

  4. Ok commenters Petya, commenter m and Worthless…drama is a taboo…

    We deserve something better..if not the best.

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