Raw honesty.

I think one of the greatest feelings in the world is when someone openly tells you how much you mean to them. Raw honesty is so rare.

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  1. Count me in as one of those who can give a friend raw honesty..

    I have nothing to lose with this.

  2. I also belong to those, who can give a raw honesty to people I like and especially people I love. I think I did this always…hope so. It´s more difficult to give a raw honesty to people, who do mean less for me, by the while.

  3. Hmmm, if given the chance…I would tell that person straight from my mind and heart- you meant a lot to me…thank you for everything …

  4. thank you Arlene, yes that would be honest. But may be I do not need to hurt her. She is very occupied with herself, her sucess in all what she does. She is very selfreliant and occupied with all the thousands of things she is doing. She visited me serveral times, and the lst time was really difficult with her and her family…my be I can her just let go very softly in not acting…

  5. Why commenter Steffi1970, if you act something to her visitation- would mean you are burdened with her presence? It’s okey, do not deceive her and yourself. You might have also your own struggles that need to be attended to. You also deserve peace and a happy life.

    I.we believe that she can handle what’s going on in her world.

  6. Thank you Arlene,for your help! Yes you are right, I have my own struggles, which need to be attended, and this is why I ignore her at the moment. She knows, that I do not want to communicate, and she does not call…so I do not think a lot of this in the moment. The past years it was just funny with her, she was the reason, why I left my family the first time for a weekend…I never did, since I had children…and when she was here the last time, I didn´t know, that it will be a burden.

  7. ok commenter Steffi1970….go go go…enjoy at peace with yourself…enjoy privacy….you have to gather yourself..muster the courage on how to face some things that need to be resolved….

    nice that we have this page wherein we can express what we want to without having much of a personal connection…

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