Quote of the Day: September 3rd, 2013

If there’s someone you cannot get out of your mind,
whisper a prayer for them.
That’s how God moves.

~Brigitte Nicole


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  1. You are always on my mind. Reasons vary….?
    At first it were feelings of love , then a sense of soulful bonding which i blended with my soul so deep,, later it were upsetting feelings of misunderstanding , then out of fear of losing you forever with never ending break, then of being helpless in the clutches of destiny, later depressed with you letting our secrets out , further of your false aquisitions of me as a person, which i can never understand y, and then of being let go so awfully to someone, and then of humanity a feeling of letting go after reading your facts and state of mind…
    But one thing is true , i dont want you to be wrong or unhappy.
    I will do wat i can… please talk to me if it helps you. But please dont relate this to the start over for i am sure tat no longer anything should be assumed or expected , destiny is powerful .

  2. I want to do Lord’s will with this marriage. We have hurt each other but the love was there and still is on my part. Pray for John and me. If this can be saved help us know this and how to fix it.love my husband

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