Psychologists Are Now Suggesting Mothers Should Take Breaks And Go On Mom-cations.

Psychologists Are Now Suggesting Mothers Should Take Breaks And Go On Mom-cations.

In the mind-bogglingly busy world of the 21st century, there’s been a rapid growth in the number of mothers taking annual ‘mom-cations’ – a vacation to themselves, where they have an extended period of me-time. Moms are increasingly understanding the need for them to take time to themselves in order to rest and recharge their batteries, something that has been supported by numerous psychologists and healthcare professionals who have warned that mothers should take a legitimate break for themselves. Mom-cation”, a recent trend made popular by social media, is a brief vacation where moms travel together or solo without their family. ( can be beneficial for mental health by providing an opportunity for uninterrupted relaxation, giving mothers a chance to recharge their emotional batteries. 
Having time to yourself is absolutely essential in order to take a break from the stress and pressure of modern life. Between running the kids to school, making sure they’re fed, and doing the laundry, being a mom is a full-time job. If you don’t get some space away from it, you’ll end up feeling burnt up and worn out.
Many mothers shrink from the idea of being away from their kids from any amount of time. They selflessly put their families first and sacrifice their own physical and mental wellbeing in order to provide for them. The thing is, mom-cations are about more than just providing rest for exhausted mothers; they’re beneficial for the whole family. They help everyone to see the balance and moderation that needs to be maintained in the family situation, and allow everyone to get some time away from seeing each other that they need in order to maintain healthy relationships. Everyone needs space and time away from others to be by themselves, family included!
It’s great to have a few days to yourself, not having to worry about whether your kids have eaten or if they’ve done their homework!
However, obviously not all moms are lucky enough to have the free time or spare money to arrange a trip away for themselves. If you fall into this category, then here are three ways to help you take breaks throughout your everyday life!


Give yourself one morning off every week;

All mothers know that weekends are essentially non-existent for them. Between chores, taking the kids out to places, and doing parent-admin, moms don’t get a whole lot of time to themselves on Saturday and Sunday. That’s why it’s important to give yourself at least a morning off every week in order to take a breather and relax a bit. Perhaps you could even head back to bed after you’ve dropped the kids at school!

Take a day off every month;

Following on from the above point, try to take at least one day off every month to focus entirely on whatever it is that you want to do. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Don’t let it pass you by in an endless sea of errands, chores, and a ‘what do I have to do next?’ mentality like so many others do. Instead, take the time to actually live your life.

Spread out household chores;

– Although it might seem like there’s an endless number of chores to do every day, for your own peace of mind you should try and give yourself days without them. If you’re doing nothing but chores day after day you’ll drive yourself insane. You could concentrate all of them to just a couple of days a week, or do little and often. Whatever works for you!


If you’re feeling tired, worn out, and done with being a mom, then what you need is a mom-cation. But don’t just take my word for it – try it for yourself and see the kind of difference it can make in your life!

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©





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  1. I insisted on this 22 years ago when my first child was born and I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom. Every year, I take a vacation by myself to visit friends around the country, or travel with friends, to re-charge.

  2. Seriously this article was written as if mums don’t have a job as well as being a mum. What a ridiculous read – days without chores

  3. I went on a mom vacation once and upon,my return my,husband sprayed me with yard bug spray. The emergency room thought it was hilarious.

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