People who make mistakes.

I would rather surround myself with people who make a lot of mistakes and have no problem admitting them, than to surround myself with people who think they make none.

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  1. Amen !! I still pray for those who cannot tell the truth. I had a former room mate in collage apparently turned on me went into passive aggressive and psycho.I was hoping be able to work things out but she plainly acted quiet and sullen. I did forget that a friend of mine back home who knew my former room mate I might regret living with on account she was an only child and she thought of her as strong personality who got away with anything. I do still pray for her. She had gotten married and had a couple of children. Unfortunately, I understood from a mutual friend she went through a divorce…discovered her husband happen to be gay….I still pray. Surround yourself with people who can be honest. If you can be honest with yourself , You are honest with others.

  2. No one….none of us is without flaws….but the ability to acknowledge that is the greatest wealth one can acquire for life….

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