People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other.

People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other.


Soulmates can be thought of like human magnets. There’s one special person out there for everyone, someone whose energy and being is attracted to your own in a way that it just isn’t to anyone else.
Eventually, this attraction will bring the two of you together.
Your soulmate is out there, somewhere. Maybe you know them, or perhaps the two of you haven’t met yet. You might have met them a long time ago. It’s possible that they’re currently in your life, and that you just don’t know that they’re your soulmate yet, or vice versa. You might even have had a relationship with your soulmate already, but found that things didn’t work out.
True love is a connection that runs far deeper than any other. It’s an energy that carries across space and time, bringing people who are meant to be together into each other’s arms.
Your soulmate is out there, no matter how much it might sometimes seem like they’re not. People often feel like they’ve looked everywhere and still haven’t found their special person, so they assume that there’s no one they’re meant to end up with.
There’s no rush. You don’t have to keep looking. Things often happen to you when you give up trying to make them happen. There’s no need to force things to turn out in the way you want them to. We cannot control anything that happens to us in life. All we can do is react when things present themselves to us. There’s no need to go in search of your person. The two of you will come together when the time is right. You’re meant to be together, so you will end up together.
When two people are destined for each other, love will bring them together at the right moment.
True love is more than just a connection between two hearts, minds, and souls. It’s a connection of experience and time. Two soulmates might be meant for each other, but often they must travel separate roads until they develop into the people that they need to be for each other. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better.
You and your soulmate might even meet as teenagers and then drift apart to follow your own paths in life, only to reconnect as adults, with the wealth of life experience the two of you have built up separately forming the bedrock upon which your love is able to grow and flourish.
Everything that happens, happens for a reason.
Life is incredibly strange. Sometimes events happen that seem catastrophic and awful until with the benefit of hindsight you see that they were necessary to mold you into someone better. Someone wiser, kinder, and more compassionate. Someone more capable of loving another person with all of their heart.
Everything that happens to us is simply an experience to learn from. If you think you’ve met your soulmate and the two of you break up, know that it is for the best. Perhaps that person really is your soulmate, and one day you’ll reconnect and it’ll feel like you’ve never been apart. Perhaps they’re not, but the lessons you learn from them help you to recognize your true soulmate when you finally meet them.
Going your separate ways is sometimes for the best.
If you were meant to be with a certain person right now, you’d be with them. If you’re not, then it’s simply time to be apart. You can know for sure that you’ll end up with your soulmate one day, whether it takes months or years for you to find each other.
You can’t truly lose your soulmate, even if the two of you aren’t by each other’s sides right now. When the time is right, you’ll be with the person that you’re meant to be with.
Written by Maverick, Staff Writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©️

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  1. Thank you. Your post does encourage me. I know who he is, my soulmate. I have looked for answers because of a deep feeling of connection with him, intuition. Had a conflict between my feelings and reality. We had a short relationship few years ago and it didnt grow. I think we both have lessons to go through. I am becoming better for him,not in a matter of worth, but more accurate, to help him come towards me. It takes time. I am not young. A lot of confusion but I want him in my life, I want to love him and get his love. I hope I am right because time is moving a head and Im lonely.

  2. I totally agree with Natali above. I’m 63 and my journey has been incredible (although it doesn’t really look that way on the outside looking in). I believe I am NOW with the person I am supposed to be with. We were friends in our 20’s. Our paths took different directions. Sadly, his wife passed away from breast cancer after 35 years of marriage and raising 3 incredible young men. I was married and divorced and didn’t have children (and I’m okay with that…I would have also been okay had I had children). I was single for 15 years and happily single at that. My ex-husband grew into who he was meant to be and has married for the 4th time. I grew into who I was supposed to be. My friend and I have been seeing one another for 4 years and the relationship FEELS right and it feels easy. Marriage seems a bit complicated at this age so we don’t really have any plans…just enjoying our relationship and thankful our paths came together when they were supposed to. Although I agree with Natali, I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong answer. Everyone lives their own truth. What a beautiful journey life is…yes, VERY hard at times but also lots of joy and gratitude too.

    1. Perfect.

      I have a similar situation. We have reconnected and are both shocked as we realize we share so many similarities and dreams of the future.

  3. My now husband and I grew up around the corner from each other. He always teased and harassed me. Our granny’s were neighbors, our moms went to school together. Anyway, me and him began dating as young teenagers. Here we are 26.5 years later (married for 18), 3 beautiful children and I cannot see my life without him. He’s my bestest friend, he’s my soulmate!

    1. What a beautiful life story to share with us Jennifer, May you all continue to have a wonderful loving life. God Bless

  4. I myself feel that he is the one. But now he doesn’t want to come back bcz of my stupidity.he has trust issues but deep down I feel he is the one. Bcz of some sudden reaction to bad situation I took some decisions which led us apart. Will he come back ?

  5. What happens if your true soulmate dies? Do you spend the rest of your life wandering the world like you are missing a part of yourself? Because that’s what I feel.

  6. Anonymous
    I lived in California and my soul mate came into my life in my 40’s. He came from Chicago and we are on the 24th year together. He thinks like me and I like him. We have many, many likes the same. We finish each other’s sentences. We argue about once a year. We have similar backgrounds. We hold each other up. I am 20years older then him.. I resisted his advances until he broke me down. He shows me great love. We truly are perfect for each other. We feel like we have known each other in a past life. We feel blessed and lucky to have found each other.

  7. You manage to follow that person blind, it is the full trust that bonds you beyound any realm.And yes, it is scary, it takes discipline and morals.Not anybody can go through a relationship like this.People that live through it don’t separate, they just come closer with time.

  8. I wish I could believe there is someone for me, but I don’t think that’s the case. I am 56, married and divorced three times, to men my healthier self would never choose. But the truth is, I’m a square peg that doesn’t really fit anywhere or with anyone. It makes me so sad because I once believed in true love.

  9. I have reunited with my first love 25 yrs later. When we broke up as teenagers, my mom told me to move on and put him “on a shelf” and if it was meant to be, I could then take him off that shelf and that I didn’t have to completely forget about him. Well 25 yrs later, I finally took him off the shelf! I wish my mom was alive bc she went through my heartbreak with me and she would understand how I felt when I reunited with my soulmate. I believe our timing wasn’t right back then and it took 25 years for the timing to be right! Our chemistry is just as strong today as it was when we were teenagers.

  10. My soulmate pasted away because when he left this earth a piece of my heart went with him I was always waiting for him to be his bestself and come back but he took his own life instead so does this mean I will never have love again

  11. I have had many many girlfriends ( 3 digits) and No I am not a pig, and I had 4 longterm relationships ,and I thought I loved everyone of them at one time like a soulmate, but then I dated my wife for 7 years before we got married after having 2 girls who are 17 and 19 now , been married 15 years and we are not currently living together , because we just dont get along some days, things are complicated in our lives and families and we live 4.5 hours apart seeing each other once every 2 or 3 weeks or once a week., but no matter how much we dont get along , I love her 10× more than that., she is my soulmate. Her touch , the taste of her kiss to the way she walks, shes my world , and she thinks because the doctor told her she morbidly obese , which she is not , that I just say things to make her feel better. That’s not the case I live this woman in every way possible. I wish we just were not so immature living together, my soul aches for hers some days ..but I’ll love her forever regardless . Love and soulmates is never perfect , it’s got lots of pain in loved as well. Thank you for sharing your stories I enjoyed them… mine isnt so pretty or glamorous worth telling.

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