People change when they are ready.

People have no problem with change that they initiate themselves. But when they feel forced or manipulated to change, then they resist WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT. A person will decide to change when they’re ready to change and not one second before. And the more you push them, urge them, nudge them, ask them, scream at them, or beg them, the LESS LIKELY they are to.

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  1. So true i think i push3d my daughter further. Shes been estranged from me over 10years and i kept contack only by texting thats the only way shell communicate.2 weeks ago she told me to leave her alone😏on the 13th of may she gave birth to a handsome baby boy.i asked theyd send me pictures of him they sent 6 of them and now told me to leave her be shes blocked me from Facebook i cant see any other pictures of of him 😣 shes blocked my family and my friends

  2. Dear Bonnie, I just read your comment and I am so sorry to read this is happening to you. My heart is aching for you. Maybe you could find a good counsellor that would help you reconnect to her. That would help you form an apology she would not be able to reject. An apology that includes all the things, you think, have pushed her away from you. Keep it simple and from the heart. It might take a few tries.
    I am in a similar situation where it is very hard to know when to speak and when not. For the same reason as yours, I am struggling to do the right thing in order to keep the line of communications open.
    Would love to know if you manage to get positive results.

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