Pain changes people.  It makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out.

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  1. In retrospect, i did what i could in various circumstances,
    ideal, compromised, or otherwise
    i try to learn from my mistakes
    & remember the times i succeeded, & the times i failed
    Some effort is better than nothing, always try to do something
    While your heart is beating,
    and you’re still alive, breathing, thinking & moving
    Bless’ed Be, nora 🙂

  2. This is true for me because I went thru a domestic violence in my too long marriage….I also witnessed 1st hand the destruction of 9/11 ….I worked right across the street & it was horrible……

    I try to forget but I can’t…….guilt overrides all the positive emotions……can only bury them so deep ….

    thank you for being able to be encouraged & reminded that we are never alone……….& that there are those who suffer & are under much worse circumstances in their everyday lives that they cannot escape ! I believe in God and the power of His love to help us heal.

  3. No truer statement was ever made. If someone has never had true pain, come walk in my shoes for a day! Then maybe you will understand how it changes a person.

  4. Self preservation and if you are clever time for incredible healing and acceleration to a new improved you. Trust yourself, think positive. Shutting others out doesn’t help but understanding your doing it does. Realise, communicate heal.

  5. This is an oversimplification. Pain can also lead to personal growth, wisdom and experience that can benefit others that also struggle with pain (and, quite frankly, everybody experiences pain).

  6. A book of Philip Yancey provides inspiration and hope for those agonizing in pain. It answers whether or not pain is a necessity.

  7. I love all the positive replies about experiencing pain. I am still waiting for personal growth, self realization and all the other wonderful things people think pain brings.
    What has 7+ years of moderate pain with occasionally severe pain brought me. Sadness, loneliness, frustration and hopelessness…. What has it taken from me? Almost everything I enjoy. Hiking, swimming, gardening, most of my hobbies, quality time I can spend with my children, grandchildren and husband. Vacations, employment, my self esteem, self sufficiency and I could go on.
    I do have beautiful memories of what is like to be pain free.

  8. It is wonderful to know that other people who are in severe pain have the same feeling as I do. Pain takes away your life but you continue to exist

  9. Trust in the lord with all your heart. He restores hearts , souls, minds, and breaks any/all strongholds!

  10. Agree , juat got hurt a few days ago and I lost even my will to live and my desire for anything !! Dont trust anybody … dont need more idiots to step into my life … the world is getting cold , senseless and mean …

  11. You must move forward or the person that caused the pain has another twisted victory. Progress and prosper it is the best revenge to heal your pain, and once you realise how better off you are you will rejoice!!! And the pain will dissipate X

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