Our loved ones in heaven.

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”
~Eskimo Proverb.

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  1. My father he’s in heaven…..
    I miss him much…..wish u we’re here…..I love u father….my hero.. ..

  2. My love, my husband… I miss you so much!! Not a day goes by I don’t long for your embrace, to hear you say my name, and have you here with me & the boys. I love you Rob.

    “gra anois agus go deo”

    5-24-13 the Lord called you home & left our lives here on earth different. You meant so much to so many people.
    Be happy my love for I’ll see you again.

  3. I miss my grandmother always, she died when not around her n far away(2012). The last time I see you was when you cried cuz I left home with my luggage. She loves me sooo much cuz I grew up with her since I was born! After my marriage n my mom not happy, then whatever I do/did even to make mom happy, to mom all is wrong! throw anything I bought for mom to the chicken house at back yard. It makes me don’t want to touch mom’s food , my grandma bought me food n gave me through the window almost every day n cried with me in my room if mom not around. I can’t believe she’s gone! I won’t see her smile n her kind advice again.
    I miss you grandmaaaaa…. Felt don’t want to go home cuz you’re gone now! Wish I could see your face one more time, hug you one more time, before funeral. My tears are dried with sorrows of different cases in just few years. I love you grandma… Sooo much.
    Honestly every time I saw on fb or internet bout grief, it makes me sad. But these days I saw it over n over n makes me real sad

  4. Homesick sometimes, but every time I remember you’re gone now, I try to forget bout it. But I love my mom tho No matter what. I love my family over there. I can’t imagine if I go there n see your house empty without you grandma. Since your house close to my parents surely I’ll remember everything in the past bout you, bout us.

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