If opportunity knocks, build a door.

A lesson I learned in my life: If you sit around and wait for your life to turn out how you want it to be, it won’t. You have to come out your comfort zone. Take risks. Who cares if you make a few mistakes along the way! It’s better than not doing anything and not trying. I had to definitely build some doors. Find out what makes you happy, get inspired and build lots and lots of doors!
~Brigitte Nicole

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  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite frightening but that’s where all the magic happens. Take that huge leap of faith and trust in God, the universe, or whichever diety(ies) you believe in. And when you finally do take that step, you allow more opportunities to come knocking at your door 🙂

  2. Hard to do when you fear almost everything and everybody because of severe child abuse. I don’t have a hold of it but it just doesn’t leave me. Keep praying everyone.

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