Only trust.

Only trust someone who can see these three things in you: The sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger, and the reason behind your silence.

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  1. I am not easily to trust men anymore in my life at present time. I have been married 2times and just dont feel like I will ever find my true soulmate. I have been in a bad depression for about a year, praying to soon just let it all go. wish I new how. I am only 43 and feel like my life as I once new it or wanted to have that true love is just not going to happen with me. first husband was Alcoholic and abuser for 18 years, and I can say I did love him and thought we would be together forever, but I had to get out of it before something bad happen to me. Then my second husband i realyy believe was a rebound from first one, started out good but he also was an abuser, actually worse than the first one. he just about killed me with a 2×4 last august 2014. i fill not worthy of a good man. i really love this site I have just came upon, reading comments of oyher women in my same shoes, just looking for there soul mate and someone that loves and that I can love unconditionally, Got to get out and try to get rid of my sad depression and the image I have for men now> hoping to find help threw this site

  2. so I hope, there is still love behind your anger, and as I could´t see you for long, long time, I do not now, if you smile or not. And I´m the reason, altough I do not know, what I did wrong.

  3. Noonespecial You did nothing wrong it was always me wrong no matter what I do. Getting new organs made me believe l would be young again and my regrets came out and my big mouth got in the way. I hurt many people with my words l can’ t take back. After the new organs I try to be whole again but I can’t get there, l have to face l am my age is catching me. A few months later the person I was seemed to have left me, that’s the only way to explain it. Time for regrets is not there. For hurt my words or affects have had on you, your family and mine l apologize as l don’ Understand myself sometimes, all my decisions have been made out of sadness when l should be happy for the gift of life l received. I never knew if it was me or l was in the way of someone else. Although this is an old post found it reading for tranquility and brought me back. Had to respond, if your reading this and you know me you know me, if you know of me through someone else’s eyes, then you don’t really know me. Power was never mine.

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