One of the cruelest things.

If you’re with someone and you wish you were elsewhere, then leave. One of the cruelest things you can do to a person is make them feel like home when to you, they’re only temporary. We all deserve love and undistracted attention. We all deserve to feel wanted. If you can’t give them your whole heart, then don’t you dare hold it hostage.

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  1. Save your self: life is too short to waste six seconds agonizing about helping someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

  2. I was once in a relationship with someone who was not all there. It made me upset that even though she gave me her heart I was not her center of attention. Despite that I ignored the signs that she was like the quote above says, and it ended up in disaster.

  3. No shit!! I can’t even bring myself to explain how true this is. Tom I wish you could see this and stop what ur doing.

  4. it goes straight to my heart..and Wendy you’re shit! lol…it’s really very true…and sometimes because we love too much we tend to ignore.

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