One lie.

One lie is all it takes for a person to lose interest and distrust someone. Best thing to do is always be upfront, remain real and tell the truth.

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  1. Well is all so simple to me.If someone lies to me only 1time the TRUST in the Relationship ends. Am an x R.N. with an extra Physiology Major and an extra Major in both advanced Physiology and advanced study of Trauma to the Brain I picked a “Special course in the study of the Brain’s Functions yes most people think we only have 1Brain well we have 2 the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere/.Why I studied the Brain was I wanted too be the best I could be as a R.N. with special studies this guaranteed the lead R.N. in a Hospital Trauma room I accomplished my goals and was a lead R.N.ATT A TRAUM CENTER IN Milwaukee I do not name it for anonymity reasons. So I will end with this my friends TRUST is the GLUE that holds all Relationships together you lose the Trust the Relationship ENDS. Thanks for reading your TRUSTED friend glo my nic name

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