One Forehead Kiss Is Better Than A Thousand Kisses On The Lips – No Lust And Full Of Respect.

One Forehead Kiss Is Better Than A Thousand Kisses On The Lips – No Lust And Full Of Respect.


A kiss is among the most powerful and emotive gestures that we can perform for our partners. They say that actions speak louder than words – this is especially true when it comes to a kiss. It’s the age-old sign of romance, of love, of passion, of desire. 

What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is just how much you can change the context of a kiss based on where it’s placed. A kiss on the cheek means one thing, a kiss on the lips means something very different. But a kiss on the forehead… 

There’s something about a forehead kiss that makes it stand out above all others. It has a completely different set of connotations than a kiss on the lips. Whereas kisses on the lips are associated with lust and desire, forehead kisses are something far more intimate, far more meaningful, and far more effective for building an emotional connection with someone.

A kiss on the forehead is worth a thousand on the lips. It says ‘I love you for you, not just for your body’. It says ‘I care about your happiness’. It tells someone that you’re genuinely interested in their wellbeing because you care about them as a person. 

A kiss on the forehead is like a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket. It’s the emotional equivalent of a warm bath and an evening in front of a log fire. It’s a wholesome, loving gesture, one which doesn’t suggest that you want anything other than to show that you care.

It’s such a versatile, useful gesture, that can be used in a whole range of scenarios. When your partner is feeling down or stressed, a forehead kiss brings them right back to reality, back to the present moment here and now, to the understanding that the only thing that really matters is the two of you. It helps them to realize that both of you have everything you could ever want, that you can fight any battle, that you’ll have their back through thick and thin.

When you’re proud of them, nothing communicates that quite like a kiss on the forehead. When you’ve missed them; when you’re worried about them; when you’re relieved that they’re safe – a forehead kiss speaks volumes louder than words ever could. 

It’s a kiss not for their person, but for their soul. That’s why they’re so powerful. That’s why we remember them, whereas other kisses pile up and get lost in the currents of time. That’s why one Forehead Kiss Is Better Than A Thousand Kisses On The Lips – No Lust And Full Of Respect

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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  1. It is regrettable, but I tried this…. It failed tremendously!

    Frankly, I believe that the recommendation is good and proper. We must really examine our “partner” and evaluate if it could be received well!

    I believe that this action will be received well by most!

  2. I assume that this article is written by a man who genuinely enjoys kissing and being kissed by his woman.

    I say, “ a thousand affectionate kisses by a real man who displays his manly desire for his woman is worth more than a kiss on the forehead by a man who has only respect for a woman who is not his.”
    This is coming from a woman who longed to be kissed so deeply that each cell in her body would start to scream…

  3. Passionate kissing is very common. In the beginning, everyone is passionate. But a kiss on the forehead says so much about the person offering it, it says they value you for who you are, which is a highest form of love. I can’t count how many passionate kisses I have gotten in my life. But the kisses I remember where the very few unexpected ones that showed me the soul of a man.

    1. My Father was the first and last man who gave me kisses on my forehead and I sure remember them. So yes, it is the most innocent form of kiss and it is also a blessing to have experienced it.

      On the other hand, a kiss on the forehead by a man who has kissed the woman on her lips, can have many other meanings, and it is a delicate gesture that needs to be felt between the giver and the receiver of the kiss.

  4. I am sorry that you haven’t found the correct “love” to Kiss you properly. Maybe, Kissing is an Art that many don’t learn to truly appreciate in giving and receiving. But, even as an Art, The Kiss must truly come from a “giving” Heart, which is full of Love and open enough too Share!

  5. I am the least priority for him.

    His ego. His fear. His social status. His mistakes. His past. His anger. His attitude. His siblings. His friends.

    All the above come first and me the last.

    He can leave me but not once stand up for me against any of these i said above.

    My love for him is so weak and I just forgive and wait and forgive and wait everytime shamelessly.

    I fail to make him understand that mistake happens we are not God. But to apologize and Express honest feelings will win anyone as truth is so powerful.

    Finally he shuts me like I am wrong. He is so right.

    And then he does a new post. Few lines of insult , all named to me.

    What a life I have…

    1. kim or kil, or kel, or kos, no matter the name, I think this is the game that you both started and it is really entertaining to watch this show that you both play it so well.

      It is really fun to watch.

      I wonder how is it even possible to play a game for such a long time.

  6. Yes true. Sometimes I do think the same . I am a doll and he plays with me.

    Why did I meet him. Those moments we were together can never be forgotten. I know he cant as well.

    We could have departed as friends too? Why blame me wrongly when he knows I were not wrong.

    I pray every day that God unite him with the woman he liked before me sunita. Maybe he gets happiness with her.

    I am the same yet. I know he won’t come back with honesty and won’t regret what he did to me.

  7. I find that when shaking the hand of a woman, she will enjoy my kissing the back of her hand, which I cradle gently in my hand.

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