One day, they just give up on you.

I think that what hurts most is when you give everything to someone. You are there for them through thick and thin. You stick with them no matter what comes along. And then one day, they just give up on you. They choose not to fight for you anymore. The one thing you would never have done to them, they do, without one bit of hesitation.

Photography by Denise Hecht

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  1. Those are the ones you don’t want anyway…if you have to work that hard to keep them and they can just toss you aside…do you really want to do that one sided job of keeping the relationship for the rest of YOUR life?

  2. Its called showing their true colours. I it’s how everyone gets a chance to see them as they real are n are strong enough to run n run fast n far!!
    You deserve so must better than a spineless gutless wonder who only things of themselves!

    But it amazing that people can do this to another beening. N just in case you haven’t noticed they r quite happy to get ride of the pets just as quick n just maybe not so nicely.

    One day Karma will come back to bite them. I hope it takes a really good bite or two ,) hmmm or a real good butt whipping as deserved!!

    Cruelty to another Human been or an Aniamal is intolerable n discusting n people who do this deserve what they get and More!!
    Sorry for the long speal

  3. I agree with Denise. I was married for sixteen years and was taken for granted. I livedwith it until the love just died. A relationship can’t last when it’s a one way traffic. It needs care and nurturing for it to keep growing.

  4. In my experience, all this sounds good, but it is easier said than done. I am in a very one-sided relationship. I would die for this man and he won’t even take out the trash for me. Do I want to be in this kinda relationship….no! Do I want to leave him….yes! But, for whatever reason, I can’t seem to do it.

  5. In the debts of our minds are hidden all the keys for every locked door weeet on our way, we choose whether to pick the key or continue the searching of a easier entry.That’s the difference between people who stay and those who gives up in the face of virtility.

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