On the day I die.

On The Day I Die

On the day I die a lot will happen.
A lot will change.
The world will be busy.On the day I die, all the important appointments I made will be left unattended.
The many plans I had yet to complete will remain forever undone.
The calendar that ruled so many of my days will now be irrelevant to me.
All the material things I so chased and guarded and treasured will be left in the hands of others to care for or to discard.
The words of my critics which so burdened me will cease to sting or capture anymore. They will be unable to touch me.
The arguments I believed I’d won here will not serve me or bring me any satisfaction or solace.
All my noisy incoming notifications and texts and calls will go unanswered. Their great urgency will be quieted.My many nagging regrets will all be resigned to the past, where they should have always been anyway.
Every superficial worry about my body that I ever labored over; about my waistline or hairline or frown lines, will fade away.
My carefully crafted image, the one I worked so hard to shape for others here, will be left to them to complete anyway.
The sterling reputation I once struggled so greatly to maintain will be of little concern for me anymore.

All the small and large anxieties that stole sleep from me each night will be rendered powerless.
The deep and towering mysteries about life and death that so consumed my mind will finally be clarified in a way that they could never be before while I lived.
These things will certainly all be true on the day that I die.

Yet for as much as will happen on that day, one more thing that will happen.
On the day I die, the few people who really know and truly love me will grieve deeply.
They will feel a void.
They will feel cheated.
They will not feel ready.
They will feel as though a part of them has died as well.
And on that day, more than anything in the world they will want more time with me.
I know this from those I love and grieve over.

And so knowing this, while I am still alive I’ll try to remember that my time with them is finite and fleeting and so very precious—and I’ll do my best not to waste a second of it.

I’ll try not to squander a priceless moment worrying about all the other things that will happen on the day I die, because many of those things are either not my concern or beyond my control.

Friends, those other things have an insidious way of keeping you from living even as you live; vying for your attention, competing for your affections.
They rob you of the joy of this unrepeatable, uncontainable, ever-evaporating Now with those who love you and want only to share it with you.

Don’t miss the chance to dance with them while you can.
It’s easy to waste so much daylight in the days before you die.
Don’t let your life be stolen every day by all that you believe matters, because on the day you die, much of it simply won’t.

Yes, you and I will die one day.
But before that day comes: let us live..

~ John Pavlovitz

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  1. The person who truly appreciate and grateful of life is the one who’s never afraid to face death . That person is spiritually mature and ready to face his or her mortality , and wise enough to realize that everything is temporary in this world , where materialism and external beauty is worshipped .

  2. Right now, I have Lung Cancer, followed by an outstanding oncologist, had Chemo-Ports placed last week, but I am emotionally unsettled about my dying. I have been there when members of my immediate family have died and felt the pain and sorrow left behind. Right now, I must address that I came into the world with nothing and will be going out the same way.

  3. Dear Ms Kopfman,
    As I read what you wrote I felt compelled to write you a quick little note. I pray you will be able to get it.
    I will begin by telling you that I am a cancer survivor (colon cancer)…I was already stage 4, so it was pretty advanced, but immediately I decided I was going to enter this journey with a Warriors mentality. I was just not going to let it take me. The fight between me and this cancer began, and guess what I won.
    I am not going to tell you it was easy it was a hard struggle I got 13 treatments each treatment was very difficult but again I had the Warriors 9 cal I had an attitude about it in a gentle way but yes I did have an attitude. What I am trying to tell you is you got into it with a lot of prayers a lot of hope but an attitude you’re going to win this battle.
    A lot of churches if you contact them they will pray for you, inhad that also…wonderful people that I Have never met prayer for me. You must be strong Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish in this journey. Please, do not allow anyone to give you negative thoughts! I will be praying for you as I was prayed for. God bless you-/may our Lord preserve you and make you whole again!

  4. Dear Mrs Kopfman,I agree with Liz,you must remain positive, it’s hard.I understand the way you feel, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin desease when I was 32yrs old, I had Cobalt rays,it was a very difficult time as my four children were still very young, I prayed a lot, and put everything in God’s hands, I was cured! When I was 60, I needed open heart surgery,as for 10yrs I had liquid between the lung & the pleura on and off and I would choke at night,the cobalt rays had damaged my Mitral valve, I prayed and put everything in God’s hands again,I recovered. I’m Now 65, my children are adults, I’ve got 9 grandchildren. Now I have scoliosis, I will surely end up in a wheelchair one day! Each time I felt near death I asked for God’s help & he gave me the strength to fight & to carry on and an incredible peace in my heart! I will have a special place for you in my prayers, Faith can work wonders! God bless!

    1. Dear Liz and Janie,
      Indeed you are brave fighting women, with the Wisdom to Turn Everything over
      to God. I have a HOPE BOX which was given to me and as I think through things in my day, there were indications that God had been with me today. I find my Message to God and check off His intervening in my life and ‘possibly’ a new direction to take.

      I found a wonderful article in the paper on “Talk Therapy” for Healing Cancer Patients. I am a Widow, I live in a small rental house in Cheraw, SC. I need to find such a program as a support for me as I travel along the road wit God watching over me. Thank you both for your support and caring


  5. I just watched my significant other close his eyes the last time on March 6, 2020 to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. 2 weeks to the day before our 8 year Anniversary, I’m in such a dark place right now that I literally just lay on his side of our bed and cry 24/7. He is/was my everything and I don’t want to let him go yet.. I can’t even admit to myself that I’m not going to see him or hear him tell me how much he loves me anymore, my life just suddenly stopped just like his and I’m just waiting for him to walk back in the door. 💔💔💔😭😭

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