Nothing to offer.

Love those who will love you when you have nothing to offer but your company.
— Unknown

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  1. It sounds so very cynical but true. Today society shuns you if you have nothing to offer to them. The love you wish to share has no takers.You feel so isolated and so lonely. God forbid if you are laid down with some serious illness they wait and pray that the end should come fast. Value system has eroded, society on the whole has become very materialistic therefore selfish.I am fortunate our children and grand children love us a lot. God bless them

  2. Rare rare rare. Parents might be the only people qualifying. Even “sincere and devoted” love between women and men is about our own ego. There is always a purpose, be it to have a family so that we feel continuity, sex, self esteem, vanity, etc.. All this is not the love without purpose, if so, it would be quite rare.

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