Not showing you the same love.

It’s really painful to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to let go of, but it’s even more painful to hold on to them if they never wanted to stay in the first place. If someone doesn’t show you the same love that you show them, and acts as if you are unimportant most of the time, this may be a big clue as to the fact that you don’t need them in your life either. The only people you truly need in your life are those who respect you and want you to be in theirs.

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  1. The love itself is extraordinary.How can it be all the same for everyone?It gets structured through the mutual progress on the relationship.But on the way it starts you can predict the outcome of it.So you know the start and the end, but the middle..That’s what love is all about- the hole in the middle, you need to put all in it to fill it and rise above untill the end , even higher .. beyond lack so digging it it may become a lake of tears, and drown you.But why worry.You always have to points ahead(the start and the end)!

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