Not just when it’s easy.

My point is, when you love someone, when you care for someone, you have to do it through the good and the bad. Not just when you’re happy and it’s easy.

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  1. Exacto! So TRUE! Poof ….BE GONE, to the ones who only come around for the ‘good’ stuff, and for ONLY what THEY get/want out of you! I know PLENTY just like that!
    Removing ‘TOXIC’ people from my life!

  2. True. Toxic people will go away soon from your life, good that you could make this decision. Unfit people should not have any place in your life, those who spoil your peace of mind.
    Never forget to think what went wrong, because they are the toughest lesson of your life. And you should definitely get benefited in your onward journey..

  3. I have wanted love from you, did you ever give ? I wanted openness from you did you have ? I wanted to give you love and take away all your pain did you accept ? I kept silent because my complaints hurt you, did you understand ?
    Is it worth to complain just me, for you dont know that my love would be the same even after years and years i am alive or dead.
    I love you, I am sorry I hurt you.

  4. agree completely. My heart is not a water faucet.I wish I could turn it off.
    How do I stop loving even after every type of betrayal has been done.
    Married 27 years to a NPD , sociopath and did not realize it until we were
    divorced 5 yrs ago. The wolf in sheep’s clothing is now revealed,the mask is gone and the true face exposed, devil in a blue dress.
    Still dream of her every night and she is constantly in my mind. Can’t get her out. Logic and counseling say get away and have no contact. I follow that advice. Heart still in a jar of pieces. Pray for Gods help everyday and for the entire family.

  5. Only remedy talk to her. For Once. Tell her once what you feel, for you told many a words before tat she cant believe?

    Dont give signals left to be interpreted.

    If she loves you she will talk, you will resolve and if not you will know how to end her story.

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