Not everyone has a heart like yours.

“Not everyone has a heart like yours. Most people will not give and give. All they know how to do is take. Not because they mean to, but because they never learned otherwise. And so, carrying a heart this big can hurt. It can leave you hollow and exhausted. And even though sharing so much of your light is a gift, it can also start to feel like a curse. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s okay to be selective about who gets your heart and time and energy. It’s okay to step back from people who take more than they give. Even if they have good intentions. Even if there are some days when the effort is there. Even if they love you and care — it’s okay to be particular about the people you let into your life. That isn’t selfish or unkind. It’s self-care. You can’t share your time and energy with everyone. You can’t meet everyone’s needs. And you can’t take care of people every minute of the day. No one can. You’re allowed to prioritize your self-care. You can’t be there for the people you love if your tank is empty. And you can’t be there for yourself if you’ve given all you have to give.”

— Daniell Koepke

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  1. When I read much of this kind of article/poetry- I can’t help but cry because it suits me, generally.

    Such I hate my heart to be like this? Hmmm, I love having this kind of heart. But true, I also take care of myself because I have to be sane for my own life and for my family. It may seem a curse to have this kind of heart but I choose it to be recognized as a blessing.

  2. I see myself in your words, sad a little and cry in my heart but it is true and is lesson to i learn. Tks so much!

  3. Hello commenter Jasmines…the more important point there is that you learned something…you managed just to be sad a little and your cried in your heart. It would be better if you were able to express that sadness to the right person in the right way so that there would be proper growth and improvement, should you have the opportunity.

    Tne more important also is that you were able to keep your sanity.

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