Not everyone deserves your heart.


“Not everyone deserves your friendship, or your care, or your heart or your love. And some don’t even deserve the words that explain why you’re taking it all back. Even if they deserved your heart and your respect before, it doesn’t entitle them to it forever. Sometimes you have to adjust your behavior based on another’s, even if you were willing to provide that love unconditionally before.”

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  1. a lesson that was hard for me to learn. born in 1929, an era where christians were urged to forgive, divorce was a sin, etc. it took me 24 years to stop allowing myself to be financially, and emotionally abused by my first husband. still, i was very slow to recognize that i wasn’t obligated to stop other people from being verbally abusive, i stumbled through life, letting bosses, women friends, and boyfriends mistreat me verbally and sometimes financially. call me a slow learner, but, at last i did stop letting abusive people into my life. for my own comfort, i have forgiven these people, but they will not get a chance, ever, to be in my life again. there are many, many kind, loving people on this earth. choose them for your friends, lovers, and, yes, even bosses and co-workers. yes, i quit working for a very verbally abusive boss. walk away from those people ! you deserve better !

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