No response.

No response is a response. And it’s a powerful oneRemember that.

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  1. Yes, it is. However, sometimes no response is something that is misunderstood. For years the wife of a high school friend of mine really hated me, and here’s why which I found out later. We were in a kitchen together helping prepare some food for a Fourth of July party, and I turned around to walk out to do something else. Well she said something to me why my back was turned to her, and I didn’t hear her. I just kept walking. She was livid and snapped me because she said that I had snubbed her. I hadn’t. I didnt hear her. I never could figure it out for a few years. Then finally somebody told me why she would not talk to me. I didn’ I never could figure it out for a few years. Then finally somebody told me why she would not talk to me. I hadn’t known. So sometimes no response is not what you think it is. Always ask before you assume that you know the meaning of no response. We ended up being friends because I talked to her about it and told her how bad my hearing was getting. She had no idea. She also had a pretty quick trigger temper, but I get along with most everybody.

  2. “No Response” is also a form of punishment that narcissists and immature people use to gain control.

  3. No response can also sometimes be the kindest and only thing you can say to a bully who banks you into a corner, and if you do respond, there is no response that is correct. Thus, no response.

  4. No Response is also a good way to let people you have had enough of their mental abuse you have to take a stand when they do not listen to you when they keep putting you down.

  5. I need advice this quote hits home I’m married at the Moment with a guy from India and i found out he wanted his visa I didn’t help him with it because he was being deceitful and we have a i month old daughter together and he doesn’t ask for her his parents are in town and do not ask for her I continue to carry on anyway he also tells me to my face he’s having sex with his co worker she’s married too

  6. No response to folk who dont respond is not a big deal and overated . fo 15 yrs i got no response from my ex and mother of my son . i missed her for many yrs and learned to live with the fact that maybe i did hurt her . in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction i learned much about the family afterward . Finally 15 yrs later i get a call and its my ex wanting to knoe if i would like to meet my son who at that time was 15 yrs old . come to find out she had met somebody else after she had him and had problems with him also . ive been back in their lives for 13 yrs now and still no response . ive been able to sit with them both and find out truths as to why i got no response . She was scared id find out the truth about her . People can go on living lies and not expect the truth to be revealed . i knew it back in our younger days . she was part of the same crowd . Some folk get better , others refuse to change .
    Yours truly 🙂 no response . its been 25 yrs now and she came to visit my son and i . she had a pistol and thaught about killing me one night . she couldnt do it , nor could i .
    The whole time she was contemplating shooting me i was still thinking about the moments we shared together and thought about one more time lol
    Even if it was only a quicky 🙂 then my youngest granson came out and wanted grampa to pick him up . that amazed me . Then my wife came out to make sure there was no trouble as my ex put her pistol away .
    In my crowd love is expressed in many ways 🙂 one is , we still living .
    Live and let live . God Bless you

  7. But sometimes.. when a person isn’t responsive.. he or she maybe troubled within themselves. They may not know what to say because they themselves are not sure of what’s going on in their lives.
    it’s like.. we want others to be with us through thick & thin. But we forget to do the same for others.
    I’m not saying that all “no responses” are such. It could mean exactly what it’s supposed to mean, if you know what I mean ! But sometimes no response could be a confusion, misunderstanding or even a plea for help.

    There’s so many ways of interpreting behaviour..

  8. I think somebody has taken this meme out of context. If you read this and think I’m referring to you, then I probably am.
    I won’t respond to any replies to this comment.

  9. I was married to a “no response” specialist for twenty years. If she was upset or displeased, she wouldn’t respond or comment for days at a time. It’s a narcissistic form of punishment. It’s also a good way to begin a divorce. Anyone deserves a response and no response isn’t a good way to respond. It’s rude and demeaning.

  10. No response to narcissists is great! Because they feed off any response. Negative or not to them it is better than nothing. Ignoring them especially malignant ones with no conscience reminds them of their emptiness. I’ve used this tool for years and it works!

  11. I was ‘ghosted’ by someone I’ve known my entire life after dating for four mths. It is incredibly painful to not know why someone acts one way, then suddenly does something like that out of nowhere. Midlife confusion? Thinking it the kindest way to break up? It really messed my relationship up with the entire group of friends we share. I felt shunned by everyone, as it is unwise to talk about a mutual friend. Apparently, ‘ghosting’ is a thing these days. Seems incredibly cowardly. Makes the recipient feel incredibly alone & bewildered. Very abusive.

  12. I get the no response every time my husband and I fight, after he has managed to belittle me over and over then I get the response for a couple of days

  13. We had an argument, she treted me with this no response. And the last thing I know she was dating another man. It was all well planned perfectly executed by them to get rid of me. I wish karma will get them someday

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