No more chances.

I am no longer in the business of giving people chance after chance after chance. We’re both adults and we both know the difference between right and wrong at this point. Mistakes happen, of course, but when those mistakes become repetitive, you can’t call them mistakes anymore- now they’re choices. Your choices. So no, I am no longer in the business of giving people chance after chance after chance.

CiCi. B

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  1. A kind heart can be harmed of people..people that use the chances they are given and abuse them.But there are limits that must be challenged not by anyone, but from the one.That’s where love become stronger than all.

  2. This is a wonderful sentiment, one that is well worth remembering and taking to heart. I would like very much to send it to someone who really, really needs to read it, but because I’m a stickler for proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, the two typos in the meme above make me reluctant to forward it.

    Would it be possible for either “Cici. B” or Brigitte Nicole to replace “You’re,” in the fifth line up from the bottom, with “Your,” and to delete the comma immediately after the word “chance,” in the second line up from the bottom (for consistency with the first sentence), and then repost this wonderful meme on this web site? I sure hope so.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Tony, My apologies for the errors in the post. If you take a look, I made a new meme with the corrections:)

      1. Thank you, Brigitte! Thank you for making these corrections, and thank you especially for hosting this insightful and much-appreciated web site!

  3. If you can still stand by understanding and forgiving…chances may be limited to a certain point as long as there is still self.esteem and self.respect.

    Can not be unlimited or indefinite…we are just humans to be fed up…Right is right and can never be swapped with wrong…

  4. This is just what’s happening to my life right now especially with my partner. I already gave him too much chances and forgiveness but when he gets it, things and mistakes will repeat again and again. I wanna leave him but my heart can’t stop loving him truly that I want to see if he will do something for himself for me not to cry and hurt again. Simple things but it all matters because it is between me and him but I don’t even feel that he really understands what I am pointing out to the point that it’s too much for me and let myself cry all night until the next day. He even tells that I am everything for him and he doesn’t want me to leave him. Can anyone help me to get through with this?

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