No more chances.

I am no longer in the business of giving people chance after chance after chance. We’re both adults and we both know the difference between right and wrong at this point. Mistakes happen, of course, but when those mistakes become repetitive, you can’t call them mistakes anymore- now they’re choices. Your choices. So no, I am no longer in the business of giving people chance after chance after chance.

CiCi. B

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  1. this is hard but it is your choice and you have your own right of choice if your mind and your heart decided that for you.

  2. as my cousin once said, “there are people who don’t know that other people have emotions.” nothing you can say to them will stop the insensitive words. you can tell them how their words have offended you. they will be angry, then apologetic, but will continue to verbally attack, and stick to you like glue. it’s very hard to get them out of your life, when you work with them, or belong to the same organization, or, horrors, married to them. the only words they seem to understand are “stay away from me. you are not my friend. every time you open your mouth, you offend me.” or, “i’ve filed for a divorce.” let them cry, let them tell everyone else how cruel you are. breathe. get over it.

  3. When someone keeps doing something that is ruining your marriage and refuses to get help,it’s time to bow out.He chose the bottle over me and it only got worse.We all need to be in healthy relationships and be happy with whatever time we have left.After a year, I’m finally feeling good about myself again,but it was a hard year of reflection.I know I gave him many chances,but he always made a fool of himself and he embarrassed me for the last time.No more chances,I divorced him and do hope he gets the help he needs.

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