No matter how bad it hurts.

No matter how bad it hurts or how bad you feel, it’s time to stop thinking about that person who played with your feelings, who took your love for granted, who never appreciated your care, who wasn’t contented with what you could give him or her. You can’t stay at that hurtful place anymore. You can’t keep shedding tears over someone who doesn’t deserve the love you gave. You can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself and thinking if only you did more. You can’t make them want the relationship because if they wanted they wouldn’t have let go of you.
You deserve better now. You deserve someone who appreciates you and who won’t play with your delicate heart.. Just like a cut on your hand will take time to heal, your broken heart needs time to heal as well. That’s not the end of your life. You will get over that pain you’re having right now and one day you’ll be happy again.
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  1. so hard to be married to someone who you know does not love you with all of their heart.. can’t even remember where or when it went bad . it has been so long.I have not felt like a couple in years and years.. we have nothing in common what so ever.. and now to seperate,,, it is a financial burden on top of it all… I must create a whole life to be self supportive at 58 .. wtf did i do wear a hood for years.If I left when i thought a 100 times I should have and didn’t for the children I tried to hang in until they left and now I am practically empty nest and so is the finances empty? so he is worn out .. and so am I what a waste of 24 years. sad and the kids resent us for the animosity they lived with … lose lose .. in always so the moral of this story is when your gut tells you good bye .. take your hand and wave bye.

    1. Many of things are taught to use during these times. It’s not wasted time,but life lessons god wants us to learn. So we can be stronger. We need to but up boundaries and get stronger,because life is going to teach us more lessons. Kids may blame you but it’s not your fault. Now it’s there responsibly to accept what has been done and make it better for all,move on. I did! No more narcissist husband. I am strong now. Took back my power. Love and peace.

    2. I feel your pain…happening to me right now after almost 29 years of marriage. Very hard but you just have to breathe, put one foot ahead of the other , wake up each morning to a new day and wait. Wait for things to begin to feel better ….eventually.

  2. Truer words were never spoken. When I moved I left my “Peace” Christmas ornaments out and placed them all over my new home. I know myself and I need to operate from a base of peace and love or I can’t really be my true self, my strongest self. I refused to fail and fully intended to land on my feet because I didn’t want my children to worry about me. They didn’t ask for this and did not deserve it. I knew I couldn’t fall into the depth of hate because I would loose my center and I wouldn’t be able to trust myself – that I was making good decisions. Then eventually I would have to dig out from that hole and fix up another mess. I don’t have that kind of time or energy. I had given over 20 years to the marriage and been so nervous about being used, not honored, then cheated on. So I redirected my energy toward succeeding. I knew if I could go to work for 3 days and not tell anyone – just do my job – I could get through this even though it was not my choice. I cried and didn’t sleep, put on my make up, went to work and did a pretty decent job. For this I thank God and my friends. My friends were so mad for me that I didn’t have to get mad myself! And they made me laugh, thank heavens. God, not last but always there – my North Star – and I read and reread the footprints prayer and remembered another each night, “Go to sleep in the arms of the Spirit”.
    I think I’ve learned what I should have, my kids are coming to terms with this, and I am at peace looking forward to retirement. Who knows what good things are ahead? This is the kind of peace I wish for all of us.

  3. It’s better to say goodbye if someone you love doesn’t love you back..whatever makes you do its useless,I can tell because I’ve been there in a situation like this he ignores me for so many, many times,my messages he just look at it,though he’s online,it’s hurts.
    Until now,I still feel the pain..but I have to move on..
    I say goodbye to him and let him go.

  4. It’s not a “significant other” but a child, an extension of yourself, a person who you would bleed for that has hurt you so much and broke your heart and mind to the point that it’s difficult to sleep and sometimes survive yourself. It’s a child who in age is considered an adult, but is still immature and irresponsible. A person that you know you taught the difference between right and wrong, but just wants to carry a chip on their shoulders for the rest of their life. You had to give them “tough love” … even send them to a homeless shelter because people wouldn’t allow him to live in their homes anymore.
    And yet, he tries to put himself right – go forward 5 steps, but takes 6 steps backward. Each time you reach out they push you away. It was a child who was so broken inside he couldn’t accept help from anyone. I think about him every day and hope he’s doing well in the world. …even as I cry writing this.

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