Never stop yourself.

“Sometimes life can be very painful. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. Lots of times people just let themselves get lost. But that’s why we have to keep trying. We have to push through all that hurts us, work past all our painful memories. Because sometimes the things that hurt us are the things that make us strongest. A life without experience, in my opinion, is no life at all. And that’s why I tell everyone that, even when it hurts, never stop yourself from living, from loving, from hoping and dreaming. You deserve it.”

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  1. Very Well Said. Yes I do believe that things that hurt us we have to get past and it does make us stronger. Or people that hurt us we have to learn to forgive . It is hard but I am trying.Yes to think of things that have hurt us is hard but we do have to Keep Living and Put it all behind Us.Because We Do Deserve It. Thanks So Much For This Post. Your Forever friend Tustles Lake KTF

  2. I have to agree that is a great message and true. It is just very difficult to move no from pain and hurt. But it is a must.

  3. I do agree…things that hurt us makes us the strongest…In a way, pain makes us change…either we realized it or not…somehow, having Faith to keep going also makes us stand up from our downfalls…

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