Never stop believing.

Never stop praying. Don’t quit. Miracles happen every day, so never stop believing. God can change things very quickly in your life.

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  1. Miracle is having our first baby by your next Birthday…do miracles happen? Is mother’s love true. If yes, Then where is my share of life? My love my dreams that was taken away by everyone one by one , one by one….

    1. No matter how much love your egg donor gave and wished for you upon her death, you will never be able to experience beautiful things that any real human could experience.

      You are intelligent enough to understand why!

  2. If it helps you move forward, then it helps. For some, prayer is not the answer, and that’s okay. There are lots of ways to make progress and many of them are more helpful than others. It’s okay to stop praying if it stops working. It’s okay to put aside old ways if they don’t help anymore. The point is progress. The point is find more.

  3. It’s not working, you are working-through believing.It’s the most difficult art.Artists think they have a tallent, but this is a true tallant-a person who praise Lord has more dignity than any one can ever work to achive.This is what i respect deeply.

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