Never let anxiety fool you.

Never let anxiety fool you into thinking you’re not strong enough for something. Never let your anxiety fool you into thinking that you can’t achieve your biggest dreams. Never let anxiety convince you that you’re not loved or that there’s something wrong with you. Never let anxiety fool you into thinking that this is how you will be for the rest of your life. Never let anxiety control you.

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  1. Ones for a change is good to listen to one another.If we are open and kind we might receive much more love and happiness from having each other, than we suffer to express by letting nobody “in” and avoiding to be hurt.Nothing is more painful then the avoiding to be hurt.It hurts ourselves and sure it hurts others.We must open ourselves for it.Either it will happen or it won’t.But this is what takes all the anxiety away.We love to improve ourselves, but we first must learn to prove our existence with our actions.

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