Never forget these people.

Never Forget Who Ignored You When You Needed Them And Who Helped You Before You Even Had To Ask.

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  1. We humans have 4 NEEDS food, shelter, air, water. When this last hurricane was coming, I posted, SHELTER NEEDED, it went ONLY to my facebook friends, some right here by me, & some in other states. Guess who responded? The people Ive known decades, from NC, Tx, La., Ca. , but the ones here- one since 1977, others, 6 yrs- NOTHING. The person who helped me, was a man I painted a sign for ONCE. He, started asking around beachside & a young man, said SURE! A TOTAL STRANGER. I went over one evening, & met him, very cool guy, clean place, pretty normal/crazy – my kind of folks. He EVEN said- well, why dont I see, if I can fix your leaking roof- Trailer! Jaw dropper. I will always remember, the people locally, who did not give me, what I NEEDED, a piece of floor, toilet & sink, thats IT. I even bring my own toilet paper & help clean up. Sometimes, give $$ .The ones I used to stay with during hurricanes, moved, his sister took my best friend without telling me. He has rheumatoid arthritis. Thats why I was, in NEED. I said that in my obvious bright Post on FB. I now know, who these people who didnt offer REALLY are inside. Thanks for the information. My memory is LONG. ~Ms. A. age 63.

  2. I’ve been there and done that. Glad you did get the help needed. Thank God daily for the ones that helped and be kind to the ones that helped.

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