Never complain

Never complain about the things your parents could not give you… It was probably all they had!

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  1. It does no good to complain about what was in the past in addition to complaining is very negative. Let go of what your parents couldn’t or didn’t give you and move on. You’re an adult now and that was yesterday. The “precious present” is the most productive place to live your life in “real time” and will serve you better helping you to live a happier more positive life. It’s an INSIDE job, no longer your parents responsibility. Let it go.

  2. Why must we take the simple quotation and dissect what it simply states??

    Complaining about what your parents/family defines your character not theirs. Be glad you were born to shine on your own. Not everyone is privileged to get what he/she wants but even at times have a tough time getting what they need as well.

    Instead of thinking what we can get from others why don’t we consider about what we could do to contribute to their lack of being able to.

    1. Well said. I agree with you 100%. There are so many young and stupid people out there who do not see the difficulties of their parents just so to make both ends meet. These people do not appreciate their parents’ struggle to give them a good life. Instead, they keep asking for more.

  3. I guess I go with Maslow.

    It is assumed–that I am ‘complaining’.

    There was some significant damage–not intentional–but it happened.

    I have to address the issues.
    Futile–except that I have some understanding of how to work with myself. To have to imagine what it might have been like to say to an adult–‘I need some help with this.’ and receive a rational response. That is a tough one.

    1. What your parents did or didn’t do cannot be changed, only your perception of it can be changed. If you believe you are less of a person because of their action or inaction, that is a belief! And that false belief needs to be changed so you will see that you actually are fantastic and are hiding that true fact from yourself!

  4. Never complain under any circumstance because it leaves you like a sitting duck and besides, the biggest danger is acknowledging your unhappiness. Showing others how unfair life has treated you only leads other people in to darkness when instead you should always stay positive and show everyone how life is beautiful. Many people complain because they think others will sympathize and help them in some way or another. Stay away from complainers.

  5. Complaining about one’s parents is not how you address the problem at all. You have to resolve it inside your own mind, no need to openly complain. We have to adjust our reactions to those things in the past and try to respond instead. We have a part in every situation that occurs in our lives. So to resolve trauma from the past, we have to acknowledge our part in it, define what feelings were generated and why. What was the real basis for our injury, what part of us was threatened. It could be anything from our sense of belonging to our ego. Once you figure out what your part in it was, then you can let it go, but no need to ever speak of it again. Resolve is something you get once you do this. Follow through.

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