My soul is tired.

I am slowly learning that some people are not good for me, no matter how much I love them. I deserve someone who is gentle and kind, because my soul is getting tired. Realizing that I deserve something good is one of the first steps.

Michelle K., Why I Need To Say Goodbye To You.

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  1. One gets to a point in life where you find out what is important and what is not, and you learn to take care of yourself and sometimes that means to rid your life of those who do not enhance your life, those who might be a negative energy. It takes a lot of strength sometimes to walk away from these people but in the end, you will feel better and know it was the right thing for you to do.

  2. Every single word is true.I am unable to gather shattered pieces of my heart, im losing hope,i dont want to be in love again n i dont want to be nice coz people take me for granted.i donno jow i would be able to cope with this life.

  3. I have been there.. He lied cheated and hurted me… But I dnt knw how and why… I can’t hate him or stop loving him …
    And it’s been a year we are atill we..
    I stayed where I was and he came bak to me..I knw he will go but I will stay where I am …

  4. yes this is really true.. all words are true.. very touching..
    there’s a point in my life that I want to live in this world without a feelings to avoid the hurts and pains given by him… I love him so much but he showed me that I am not his priority in life and If we have fight, he will come and ask forgiveness but he keep on doing things to make me hurt… He cheated me but I forgave him.. sometime I feel that i am so stupid because of love.

  5. Very first step is letting go off that person. Life becomes easier after that. Letting go is the most difficult part.

  6. I’m in relationship but not happy soul is aching but I don’t know what to do !! … He loves me but I’m not sure I love him ..i was on rebound after I lost my husband 2yrs ago .. He’s done nothing wrong really..well that’s not true but some trust and respect has gone .. I don’t see a way out without hurting him but I’m hurting too I can’t bring myself to tell him.

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