My mind.

My mind is like an internet browser. 17 tabs are open, 4 of them are frozen and I don’t know where the music is coming from.

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  1. I’ve been married for 17 yrs. my husband has cheated on me 4 times most recently in January of this yr. I’m struggling because I can’t give him trust, I don’t look at him the same & I have no emotions. I’d love advice! I’m horrible at my emails but I’m a texter not sure if that’s an option? 970-201-4900

  2. If your husband cheats on you, see an attorney NOW and protect your interests and those of any children and move on. Men who cheat will NEVER change. They need counseling and most refuse to admit it and wont get it. You can be happy and single or miserable and married. It is your choice.

  3. You are too good to be treated 2nd after a 17 year marriage and dont let his narcissistic overtones blurry your mind! The problem is not you, it’s him! I wasn’t married to my ex of 8 years and that man betrayed my trust in so many ways and now my 2 beautiful children have to suffer for my mistake, his 20 year marriage before me those children had to suffer while he cheated on her! They don’t change and darling you and your children deserve better! RUN before you lose yourself in something that can’t be saved! I know exactly the struggle you are going through! You owe it to yourself to pack up and close this chapter and start a new one. Stay strong and don’t doubt your worth.

  4. Voice of experience almost exactly like yours except it was third times a charm and I didn’t wait for the actual affair, just her number in his phone and a couple of visits to her home.
    Mine had resisted for a number of years but if they resume the pattern of needing a new source of feeding their ego know that no one person will ever be enough to satisfy their need for admiration, adoration and ego boosting.
    Respect yourself, protect yourself, love yourself, love your children and protect your children showing them the strength and care everyone should have for themselves. Don’t let this continue. Children learn what they live and would you advise your daughter to stay in a situation like this? Do not be afraid to be alone and happy. Enjoy friendships! Healing and joy will come.
    Beware of patterns and endeavor not to repeat this one. Oftentimes when we feel at home or comfortable with a new love interest it is because they fill the familiar role. A “victim” and “abuser” will recognize that comfortable and familiar dynamic wherein you know your role. Be aware and wise.

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