Miss me back.

“I know I probably do not cross your mind much anymore but I hope someday you see something that reminds you of me and the things we use to spend hours talking about at night and then your throat gets tight and your heart skips a beat and you finally miss me back.

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  1. I feel sorry for this feelings, because of your lover‘s grief. Maybe your love feel the same already? Try to communicate.

    1. Communication with open mind and open heart commenter noonespecial….makes it more fulfilling…if only….

      1. The only real direct contact is already weeks ago, the rest of the contact is hidden on false identities on the Internet (or imagined by me). It makes me sick … I can not watch all the “news” that I see as messages for this person. I’m going to get sick of it … I’m going to let it go slowly and hope there’s another way. honest, straightforward direct efforts have not been reciprocated. This may just mean that a partnership is out of the question, and then I have to try to understand it and have my heart broken and healed.

        1. Yes commenter noonespecial..he.she may meant a lot to you but there are things we cannot impose and are beyond our control…the most important truth is that you had loved him.her once…

  2. I wish to send this message to a special person but….same with calling a cellphone number that no longer exists or out of coverage area…the operator says:

    The subsriber cannot be reached…please try your call again later….😂….

    I miss you still…..

  3. What is open communication with heart and mind if only one real person tells his feelings and the other one is blocking… how could I ever know ?

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