Mean to others.

Only people who are not happy with themselves are mean to others.

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  1. The one I grew up with is “Misery Loves Company” and I have never forgotten that! If someone in pain or stress doesn’t receive your help, move on!

  2. I strongly disagree!!! It doesn’t mean that whenever you are mean to others you are not happy already!!! How about those pretending happy but they are always hypocrite and happy doing that to others!!! In my working place, British school, it’s my first time to work with British and Australian, in which I can say they are very good in being pretending happy but the truth they are laughing behind other’s back so it means they are mean too!

    1. I’m sorry Peony, but your comment makes no sense. You just said they have to pretend to be happy, yes? So that means they are not really happy. Also, I will add that you are right in saying that after being mean they laugh behind other’s back, yes! But they do this because they are not happy with themselves and have to be cruel in order to get a rise out of life. They are very sick people that are unhappy with themselves! If they were happy human beings, they would want others to be happy. Happiness is contagious, just as misery is contagious. If those sick unhealthy people can make another person more miserable than they are, then they laugh… with relief from their own pathetic lives; NOT because they are happy!

  3. If u have to pretend to be happy rralistically you are not. So when you gossip mean things you do it becauese ur not happy with how your life is going

  4. I strongly disagree also!!! Yes we are told that bullies bully others to make up for things lacking in their own life but to make such a sweeping statement is frankly wrong. Not all people who are unhappy with their life are mean.i am not mean. I think if you are unhappy, you will strive to help others not to feel the same unhappiness you know so well. It affects you enormously and that grief and mourning for a better, happier life goes deep. I suggest you rethink or reword your statement before you cause a great amount of upset to innocent people who will see this post and read this as being made to feel even more guilty for feeling like they do.

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