Marry the guy.

Marry the guy Who loves to hold your hand. Will go on long walks with you. Is serious but knows how to have fun. Makes you laugh. Will join in on your random bursts of song. Watches chick flicks just to spend time with you. Lets his inner-child out sometimes. Isn’t afraid to be himself. Will stand up for what he believes in. Will stand up for you and protect you. Makes you feel like a princess. Treats you with the utmost respect. You can be completely yourself with. You can talk to about anything. Will pray with you and for you. Loves God and loves you.


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  1. nope…never again…if I find this mystical guy …I will not marry him…I will stay with him as long as he stays this way… but I will never marry anyone ever again…because they just might change.

  2. Will wait and hope!!? So far from childhood till now. Men have treated me as a used piece of crap. Trust the lord have this man for me.

  3. My Husband is that person. Many years ago through failed relationships, much to which I was to blame, I prayed to God to help me and show me myself for what and how I was contributing to a relationship. Sometimes we don’t like what we see, but I did see that I was much of the problem. So I decided to change those not so great things about me. Am I perfect? Far from it…but I know how to forgive myself now. Through it all, I found my perfect Husband. I must tell you though, I prayed for him. I wanted someone who was going to be light; light meaning brightness, a ray of sunshine, hope, love, forgiveness, all those things that make up for a beautiful relationship, plus so much more. He is my beacon of light. The Lord is my Top True Beacon of Light, but my husband comes in second a and our love is beautiful and great! For those who think that Mr. or Mrs. Right does not exist…you must first examine yourselves. It may be a hard examination, but it may just be the one that will bring true Love into your life down the road. Granted, there are just some selfish, bad people out there, but if you are attracted to less than favorable people, there has to be a reason why.

    1. Laurel I absolutely love your comment. I went through something similar and it was hard to look at my “part” in a relationship but it really transformed me into a better more balanced person. 🙂

    2. “Granted, there are just some selfish, bad people out there, but if you are attracted to less than favorable people, there has to be a reason why.”

      I always ask that question and trying to find the reason. Also, I like what you have said about examining ourselves.

  4. People will change from time to time. Is not easy to find such man. Nevertheless, good luck to all who are searching/waiting for the ONE.

  5. I just did with a lot of prayers to God Almighty through Jesus Christ our savior. We also must understand to show love and respect to be treated how we wanted to be treated too.

  6. I was in a good relationship… and didn’t appreciate how lucky and blessed I was until I lost him. It’s 10 years now and I’m yet to see just a bit of the above mentioned qualities in the man I’m considering to get married to. I feel so sorry for myself most times cos I’m not sure how the future will look like for me. I seem to have lost all. Only God’s mercy can bring me out of my despair.

  7. I have subscribed to your site for a couple of years now and always find it very inspirational and enlightening. Find someone who you adore and who adores you as this post does personify. I think this post lays the foundation for the hard part…the growth part which will lead you home.

    You will know you have found your home when the one you love is compassionate enough to allow you to be you. When you get this close to someone, it is inevitable that you will have to start to unpack your baggage. Everyone’s fears are unique. If you are blessed enough to find someone who allows you, to be you, accepting your fears as experiences that make you, you, but allowing you the space and safety to express them and then help you move through them, then you have finally come home.

  8. When you ruin something that is good, you will never be truly happy. No matter how hard you try cause you know deep down its not yours to beggin with.

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