Marry the guy.

Marry the guy Who loves to hold your hand. Will go on long walks with you. Is serious but knows how to have fun. Makes you laugh. Will join in on your random bursts of song. Watches chick flicks just to spend time with you. Lets his inner-child out sometimes. Isn’t afraid to be himself. Will stand up for what he believes in. Will stand up for you and protect you. Makes you feel like a princess. Treats you with the utmost respect. You can be completely yourself with. You can talk to about anything. Will pray with you and for you. Loves God and loves you.


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  1. Really.. I hope he/ she’s different from most of the guys out there. Do I know that guy? If so,and he/ she’s really like that according to your description then I wouldn’t hesitate. I just wish he or she won’t change as time goes by. In that case then I would give him/ her my love whole heartedly and I’ll make sure he wouldn’t regret.

  2. Really?

    Everyone changes over time. Why wouldn’t you afford the person you “love” the same ability to be a normal human being that you have?

    To expect someone to never change isn’t real love. It’s not reality either.

  3. Look outside of the box ladies! I’ve been blessed with ‘him’ after 2 failed marriages and I wasn’t even looking (neither was he). God did all the work for us. We all have that perfect person in our head; looks, behavior, etc. God blew that all out of the water for me, and I’m so glad He did! Have faith, and in the meantime be comfortable in your own skin. A relationship should not define you.

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