Marry someone with a beautiful soul.

Marry someone you love with your whole heart. Someone who excites you emotionally, intellectually and sexually. Someone who “gets” you and isn’t out to change you. Nothing good will ever come of not being true to yourself. Marry your best friend. Find a person you want to share things with — from the smallest detail of your day to the biggest plans for your life. Marry someone you want to be with at the end of each day and until the end of your days. Never get married because you think it’s time; get married because you’ve found the right person — no matter how much time that takes. Marry someone with a beautiful soul. A person who isn’t afraid to show love or be loved. Find the person who encourages you to be your best self. When you do, be good to them. Express your gratitude and love daily to this person who is giving you the precious gift of sharing their life with you.
~Abby Rodman,

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  1. I did that, and then after over 30 years of marriage he decided he just no longer wanted to be married. That was it and he left.

  2. deep truth. Unforunately I had no connection to this truth, when I married long time ago. As so many other truth. I probencably ignored the existance of a soul. I probably were not true to myself. I´m still far away from finding my best self. too much thoughts, too much insecurity, what is wrong and what is right. It will take a long time, and I do not learn fast, but I started to search my true self.

  3. Heartbroken dear- 30 years is much too long to realize huh that he wants no more marriage…what a waste of time…nevertheless letting go- sets one’s spirit free….

    To commenter Steffi1970- just enjoy searching for your true self….in due time…just keep us updated….

    Marriage is a commitment in a contract….marry somebody with a beautiful soul who encourages the best in you…go on searching this kind.

  4. thank you Arlene, I will keep you updated, try to find energy for a posting…no need for searching, I found this beautiful soul already, but I think he still needs time before meeting me, or perhaps is not convinced…

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