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Published on March 2, 2014 in Picture Quotes, Quote of the Day

Marriage is a thousand little things.

It’s giving up your right to be right in the heat of an argument. It’s forgiving another when they let you down. It’s loving someone enough to step down so they can shine. It’s friendship. It’s being a cheerleader and trusted confidant. It’s a place of forgiveness that welcomes one home, and arms they can run to in the midst of a storm. It’s grace.It’s giving of yourself tirelessly down paths you’d never imagine to travel. Through sickness and pain, poverty and loss, it’s carrying the weight of another. It’s being the smile they see in the morning, and the body they hold close at night. It’s pure love. It’s standing together in the face of adversity. It’s riding alongside each other in a battle that threatens to tear down your marriage and seeks to grab hold of your faith. It’s strength under pressure. It’s endless compassion. It’s love.

~Darlene Schacht

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  1. Dorothy Oakes March 2, 2014 Reply

    Oh! so true…so beautiful.

  2. Zafer March 2, 2014 Reply

    All this is true provided it is mutual, unfortunately this is not always the case.

  3. sue March 2, 2014 Reply

    This is what marriage is suposed to be.

  4. lavinia jones March 2, 2014 Reply

    I wish i had read this years ago

  5. Natalie March 2, 2014 Reply

    This should be practiced from the beginning. Good advice for the future as well.

  6. Thank you for sharing my words. What a blessing!

    • Author
      Brigitte March 2, 2014 Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you Darlene <3

  7. Deepak Mehta March 2, 2014 Reply

    Very well written.I am married for 40years now and we still love each other. Ofcouse with age priorities change. In todays world it sounds too idealistic. The youth today doesnt look at marriage with the same feelings or intensity S in the olden days. One gets an impression that the institution of marriege is slowly crumbling. Correct me if i am wrong.

  8. Deepika March 3, 2014 Reply

    Wonderful thought. Read it again to understand a new meaning of marriage every time.

  9. lord jesus christ April 9, 2014 Reply

    I wish i read this years ago.

  10. página web May 13, 2014 Reply

    It’s amazing to pay a visit this web site and reading the views
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  11. Mz.Pam July 24, 2014 Reply

    I would love to experience marriage in these terms.Working towards this.

  12. Bari August 24, 2014 Reply

    Its true….

  13. Tiggy November 10, 2014 Reply

    My husband of 47 years died very suddenly 18 weeks ago today, I have no words to explain how I feel so reading this made me realise why I feel so numb and empty, this is what I miss all the words in this beautiful quote! Thankyou lessons learned in life I read your verses often. And they help……. God Bless

  14. Marlene Wilkie January 4, 2015 Reply

    I in joy this site because I have Cerebral palsy and merry and husband he so wonderful to me.he do’t have Cerebra palsy i met on bus
    bus diver-,people can be hurtful but over come
    use to take it from people now don’t take it

  15. marga May 17, 2015 Reply

    my husband left me after 15yrs of marriage bcoz he needed space…we just separated a month ago. so painful….

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