Makes you a priority.

Be with someone who promises to give you laugh lines when you’re old. Who tells you: ” I love you” on a daily basis and proves it. Who makes you a priority. Who uses loving words when describing your relationship. Who uses “when” not “if” when talking about your future together and who is also looking forward to it.

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  1. I am Dr Adeyemo Jamiyu, I got your link through face book and was impressed about your comment on response to rude which I went through recently though I was silent but feel ridiculed and your comment elimated hatred from my heart because it is merely whom they are and not me.

    1. Thank you Dr. Jamiyu, I am so happy that the comment helped you. Here’s a quote I wrote, maybe this will also help you.
      Don’t let people change the Loving and Caring Person you are. Don’t let anyone get you down. Use the love and goodness inside you to Stay Strong.
      ~–Brigitte Nicole

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