Make your day brighter.

Sometimes it is necessary to limit or eliminate your contact with certain individuals who bring you more misery than peace and do not reflect or allow you to be the person that you truly are or aspire to become.   Instead, surround yourself with positive thinkers who are not always creating drama.   Choose people who make your day brighter simply by being around them.  Find those whom you admire; you are proud to know;  and who support, motivate and encourage you to grow.

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  1. This saying is so true. I have allowed a certain person to control my life way too long and has dragged me down almost to the point of no return, but I have now rid myself of that person and starting to climb out of the darkness.

  2. I myself find this extremely selfish. I get what you are saying, but what about that other person? Maybe they just don’t know that they are doing anything wrong and you should inform that person instead of just cutting them off. You don’t know how much that person may need you in their life, you might be that person someone needs to get through a hard time in their life. That person might even jump to without you and then you might blame yourself for being selfish cause they were bringing your life down. Guess what their life is gone cause you needed to make your life better.

  3. There must to be a light at the end of the tunnel.Something that this person kept you from the start.It can’t go on forever like this, but you must willing to put effort in establishing real connection with that person, through good and bad.It’s not always smiles and dizzy inflation.There must to be a serious feeling.

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