Make up your mind – you either want me or you don’t.

Make up your mind – you either want me or you don’t.


I’m beyond sick and tired of all the mind games. I’m done with the hot and cold, on and off tactics used by so many people these days. I don’t want to be played like I’m some kind of instrument. I want a mature relationship – one where everything’s out there in the open, where all our intentions are transparent.
I don’t want any more lies, any more half-truths. I need honesty, I need maturity and I need openness.
I’m someone who loves deeply, with all of my heart. I treat the people I’m dating with nothing but my total respect. I need to get that same respect back.
In the end, it’s all very simple. Either you want me in your life or you don’t. There’s no middle ground. No gray area. If you don’t want to give me the same honesty, respect, and trust I give you, then you don’t want me at all, and I don’t want you in my life.
If you wanted me, you’d be able to give me everything I ask for and more. You’d be open. You’d be honest. You’d respect me enough to tell me the full truth, rather than trying to hide things away from the light.
Love is sacred. It’s something extremely special, something that should be experienced as purely and as totally as possible. Love isn’t something you whisper in someone’s ear in the heat of the moment. It’s the choice you make to be open and honest every single day.
I’m tired of being in childish relationships. Everyone makes mistakes, but when it’s the same old things cropping up time and time again it’s a sign that you need to step back and take a look at how you approach relationships.
Life is too short to settle for anything less than wholesome, honest, trusting love. I don’t care how long it takes me to find it – I won’t accept anything less. I’ll spend my entire life alone if I have to. It’s a price worth paying if it means I won’t be constantly wishing the person I’m with was someone else, or wishing our relationship and our love was different.
When it’s finally right, when it’s finally real, I’ll know it. I’ll feel it deep down. It will be natural, and easy, and right. I won’t have to force them to do things, I won’t have to tell them to be honest, because they’ll value it as much as I do and make that clear from the start.
If you’re in a relationship with someone that treats you as second best, someone who takes you granted, then you need to ask them a question.
You need to ask them: ‘If you want to be with me, I need you to make up your mind. Do you want to be with me, or don’t you? Either way, you better hurry up, or I’ll make it up for you.’

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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  1. Umm ya that good and candid and sounds pure. But what happens when your knee deep in it the person has played you perfectly…. and now they are now worshipping you as they did when in hot pursuit… now what???

    1. Come on!What is truth to you? How do you recognize someone is being honest to you – serving you the coldest dishes? Rude and unmerciful? That’s the standard you put! Whatever the standard in your relationship – the final outcome.
      You don’t connect with another person to compete who is telling the truth all the time(aka who is right and who is wrong)! The only sign for maturity in anything is the willingness to make compromises! In love, in raising kids, in business, in planning the next day, even the next meal! That’s how the elderies did it and they succeeded to live longer in togetherness!
      Perfect relationships are only in the movies, remember it.
      I completely agree to say I am sorry for my bad , or I regret for my behaviour.Thats the difference between a girl and a woman.Start dating women!

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