Loyalty means the world.

I don’t want a perfect relationship. I want someone I can trust and who won’t be cheating on me physically or emotionally. Everyone needs someone who loves them completely and who won’t play games with their heart. Last but not least, I’m a strong believer that when it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is not an option but a priority. Loyalty means the world. – Brigitte Nicole

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  1. For me, loyalty and showing respect for one another is an absolute necessity, Experience has taught me the value and importance of these two things, amen 🙏!

  2. There is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship. Having a long lasting, fruitful commitment with someone takes patience, love, and effort between both individuals. These aspects should be evenly exchanged between the couple in order to be successful. Both individuals, must be willing to work through any conflict which may arise.

  3. you are right commentator missing you: patience, love, and effort on both sides when you are in a relationship! BUT this is the perfect relationship when you do so. So it exist. And this means also not to limit yourself, because if you are in love it is an need for you you behave like this!

  4. Loyalty to me is a must ina relationship.
    Without loyalty there is no relationship
    Relationships in my opinion can’t exist
    Without loyalty ….Relationships mean
    Commitment … commitments o me
    Stands for loving and caring for that
    Special person….If you love that person
    You are honest an trustworthy with them
    So without being Loyal …. you obviously don’t love them…,

  5. True there is no such thing as a perfect relationship..In fact in my opinion. The
    Word perfect is only a word..Nothing is
    Perfect..in a relationship.. both individuals
    Should work hard in making it as close
    As possible to perfect… It takes honesty
    And loyalty on both individuals part to
    Have a lasting relationship….Without
    These.. It can’t be considered a loving
    Relationship….Love includes honestty
    Ad loyalty…And without love there isn’t a
    Commuted Relationship…….

  6. Playing with the heart is a dangerous game…a demoralizing game…

    Indeed, loyalty means commitment and faithfulness.Relationship is a matter of honest and open communication where trust is a very important factor to have the relationship grow strong and to have the players of the relationship grow into mature and responsible human beings.

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