Loyalty and relationships.

I don’t want a perfect relationship. I want someone I can trust and who won’t be cheating on me physically or emotionally. Everyone needs someone who loves them completely and who won’t play games with their heart. Last but not least, I’m a strong believer that when it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is not an option but a priority. Loyalty means the world. – Brigitte Nicole

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  1. I’ll be the first one to admit that I have made plenty of mistakes in all of the relationships that i’ve had in my life. Through it all, i’ve learned the importance of being with someone that I can trust ( someone who doesn’t ever make me question or doubt his loyalty and faithfulness towards me), someone who doesn’t shy away or avoid discussing difficult or uncomfortable subjects that need to be addressed, properly handled, and dealt with, and last, but certainly not least, someone who’s willing to put in the time, energy, effort, and attention into keeping the connection we have with one another strong and everlasting. Amen.

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