Love Will Find You When It’s Time.

Love Will Find You When It’s Time.


On some level, all of us just want to be loved. We want to be wanted. We want to be cherished and appreciated and understood. 
The world can be a grizzly, depressing place. We all want that special someone to brighten it up, to protect us from the bad in our lives and hold our hand through hard times. We crave the love and affection that comes with being in a serious, committed relationship.
Sometimes, however, this craving for love causes us to rush into relationships with the wrong people in a desperate attempt to fill the empty void we sense inside of us. In our attempts to find love, stability, and companionship, we get ourselves involved with people who just aren’t right for us because we think it’s better to risk unhappiness than to be alone.
True love will come to you when the time is right. The real thing is worth waiting for.
It’s frustrating, but love is an elusive creature. You can’t make it happen; it needs to happen by itself, organically. When you’re ready, it will come to you.
You just have to wait.
Wait for the person who loves you more than life itself. Wait for the person who will treasure you, who listens to you when you talk and holds you close when you’re upset. 
Wait for the person who you’re best friends with. Wait for the person who understands you. Wait for the one who is honest and open with you, no matter how hard that might be.
Life is too short to be unhappy. There just isn’t enough time to settle for a relationship that doesn’t fulfil you. You have to make the most of the time you’ve been given. 
You have to be brave. You have to be okay with the idea of being on your own in order to give yourself the space you need to find true love. You have to be enough for yourself in order to avoid settling for someone you’re not right for just to avoid being alone. 
So, wait. It’s the only thing you can do. 
Wait for the one who makes you feel safe. Wait for the one who really cares about you. The one who supports you, encourages you, lifts you up, and makes you feel like you can do anything. 
Wait for the one who truly loves you. The person who tells you how they really feel. The one who feels like home.
Wait for the right person. You can’t hurry love, so be content in your own company for now; the right person for you is on their way. And when your souls finally meet, you’ll give each other the world.
Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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  1. Problem is when you find yourself alone after 50. It is harder and harder to find someone, you end up alone.

    1. You’re never too old and it’s never too late. There’s no expiry date on love. It will find you.

  2. Oh My goodness Paula: You are still quite young. WOW!! .. What a beautiful age for any woman. Plus, you are still alive and could be enjoying so much in this life!! .. You cannot base your happiness or joy on another human being, man or woman. You have to create your own happiness. There is the whole world to explore and seek out. .. Go out there and meet people with a smile on your face. .. People will gravitate towards you and your lovely personality. Always keep hope alive and Always Enjoy Life!!!! The next day is not promised to you!! (:

  3. Hello Brigitte: …. Absolutely love your outlook on this topic. .. Life is to be enjoyed whether you are with or without a mate. .. So many people now go on vacations, cruises alone. Of course, you always meet new people wherever you go and they are also alone. .. It is always so exciting to do something different even if you do it alone because you will always meet more people that way. Life is too exciting to worry about being “alone”! . . Too meany people out there to meet and speak with. You have an amazing outlook on life Brigitte!! (:

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